5 is a very lonely number

Really, it is. See, we have almost 200 photos from our trip to Grand Rapids sitting on the server at home. I keep forgetting to upload them to Flickr, so they just sit there, and I don’t talk about our trip on this blog. It’s not right, I know. So last night I finally remembered to upload a few. I started with the first 14 because the Flickr uploader often craps out and no one really knows why, but between work and home it can sometimes take all day to upload 25 pictures. So I started the upload and went to bed. This morning, there are a whole 5 new pictures in my Flickr photostream. So, that’s all I can share with you today. My apologies.

We took the Lake Express Ferry out of Milwaukee (a five and a half hour drive, which is definitely better than the 9+ hour drive it would take to go straight there) to Muskegon, and then drove another 45 minutes to our hotel in Grand Rapids.


Yes, this is what it looks like on the boat. Thrilling, no? How about another one:


We didn’t stay at the same hotel as the rest of my family mainly because I was too lazy to look it up, they didn’t get a very good deal, and we were using Travelocity (stayed for cheaper than the rest of them did, that’s for sure, and it was still a pretty nice hotel, though we didn’t take advantage of most of the amenities, having forgotten our swimsuits and tennis shoes). Friday was pretty much a bust then, since we didn’t make it to our hotel until nearly 7:30 and still needed dinner. We had an awesome dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse – if you’re ever near one, definitely go. To. Die. For.

Saturday morning we decided to go to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park [link removed]. This is where the majority of our pictures are from (not from the wedding, strangely). I only have 3 to share with you today, all from the Arid Garden (aka Arizona). We took them for ‘s dad, so he could have a bit of Arizona float across his computer screen to make him smile. (When I lived in Arizona, we were up in the mountains and so the desert life doesn’t really remind me of that time, but the FIL is more familiar with Phoenix, where the cactus reigns supreme.)




Well, that’s it for now. I’m refraining from ranting about class last night. I’ll save it for the class evaluation (yes, this one’s getting a negative eval in two weeks). Happy Thursday to you all!