Thank goodness that’s over with

I am so glad the election is over. So. Glad. For those of you not in Minnesota, we had one of the most expensive and meanest Senate races ever, and it’s not even over yet (it’s too close, there’s a recount, blah blah blah). I decided on Monday night that neither Coleman or Franken could have my vote, since I was so disgusted with the ads and negative campaigning (sometimes 3 or 4 in a row!), so I voted independent this year. Sadly, the independent guy only got 15% of the vote. Still, I feel proud of not supporting either of the other two dipsh*ts. Yeah, I said it. So, basically about 50% of the people I voted for got elected. That’s not bad. I would say something about Obama winning (yay!), but other people have said so much already, and much more eloquently. Let’s just say I’m glad and move on, shall we?

Group presentation tonight in class. I have my handy easel, two handouts (one with a color picture on it!), and 24 cardstock people for my classmates to decorate with markers. Of course, I just realized that I didn’t actually bring enough markers for my classmates, but I think one of my group members will bring some as well. It should be fun (I’m trying not to think about the grade aspect, because my teacher is frustrating me beyond belief where grades are concerned, and I don’t want to get worked up over that right now).

To distract us all, let’s enjoy another picture of , shall we?


Three weeks of my night class left (including tonight), and I could not be more excited about that.

I almost made a purse last night, but got stalled with the pattern (which basically means I picked out a pattern and picked out fabrics, a huge step forward). I posted a question on the BTRS forum on Flickr hoping to get some advice on enlarging the pattern to fit my needs. We’ll see where that goes (it is handy that the author of the book hangs out over there and offers up advice when asked). I want to make the Charming Handbag from BTRS (search “charming” in the Flickr group for some examples), but much larger so that it fits my schoolwork, and with much longer straps to better suit my needs. I will also be adding a plethora of inner pockets, since they make my life much easier. And a magnetic snap closure. All that because what I really want/need is the Pleated Beauty bag, but the embroidery I picked out for the front will take me a few weeks to do, and I need a new bag now. Actually, I needed one at the beginning of the semester – it seems that my bag, being designed for knitters, didn’t hold up well to toting schoolwork about, and has started ripping apart at some key seams. Nothing falling out yet, but it can’t go on like this. My wristlet, too, is dying, and I have yet to find a good pattern for that.