I know that I have just been terrible about blogging as of late. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been even worse about phone calls. Haven’t talked to since he was here in the middle of September, you know, when they had to leave town quickly to see if their house was flooding (not surprisingly, has also not talked to him, so we would have no idea what is going on at their house, except that and have talked on the phone regarding computer issues, for which she gave him a thank-you gift card). I have, however, been fairly active in the blogosphere, leaving comments, reading new blogs, getting caught up on archives, etc. I’ve even joined some new swaps, while keeping in mind the time necessary to do such things (so I’ve signed up for handful, and almost all of them are very small swaps, like 3 crockpot recipes, or 1 ornament for 8-12 people, and the deadlines for them work out well for me too).

called today after her ultrasound to report that she’ll be having another boy in March. She’s only gained 10 pounds (she thought she’d gained 15 and was upset about that), and all the measurements and readings look normal. Yay! She’s excited, though I could tell she really wanted a girl. They’re planning on having 3 kids, though, so there’s still chance for one.

As far as her other pride and joy, we got to see them this weekend while visiting . and I brought ‘s dad up with us to install a garbage disposal for for her birthday (which was in July). Truthfully, and his dad did all the work (including 2 trips to the hardware store), but put me to work moving her bedroom furniture around, so I didn’t get off entirely easily. We moved a dresser from her bedroom (where she has 3) to the basement and traded it with one down there that was slightly larger. She’s buying a new bedroom set sometime in the Spring and wanted to experiment with room layouts. Plus, she needed interior decorating advice, at which I am excellent. I have a good eye for color and spatial layouts (though it should be noted that this does not apply to my person, as my wardrobe and knack for walking into walls will show).

entertained us by playing with Marbleworks. Do you remember that game? and I got it one year for Christmas one year, and has kept it all these years in a giant Iams tin (since sold pet food at his store, we had tons of Iams-related merchandise, including some giant insulated Thermoses and this tin). thought it was really fun to look through the tubes, though it must be noted that he closed his eyes to do so. He also liked shoving it in ‘s and ‘s eyes, and other parts of their faces as well. I remained relatively unscathed, since had decided he didn’t like me that much (which left me free to take pictures). Another day, I guess. He did attach quite quickly to ‘s dad, however, which prompted requests for a grandchild of his own. Um, no.

Marbleworks are great as…
… pretend telescopes!
Practicing our happy face

When it was nearly naptime (and hence time to go), put on his Halloween costume for us all (or, rather, put it on him). His costume consists of the outfit and promptings from his mom to say “Yoda! Yoda!” Very cute.

Oda! Oda!
Oda play piano now

He paused just briefly enough for me to take one non-blurry shot.
Bye, Oda!

That pretty much killed Saturday. Honestly. ‘s dad got to our house at 10, and we left ‘s at 5:30. and I decided we didn’t want to cook, so we went out for dinner, and there was a half hour wait, and we stopped briefly at Michael’s afteward, and got home at 9 pm. I was much too tired for homework by that time.

Not to worry, though, because most of Sunday was spent doing homework. ‘s dad came over for lunch and we took him out to Buca as a thank-you for helping with the garbage disposal install (the gift card was from to for helping with her printers, as previously mentioned). Then I spent the entire afternoon and most of the evening reading Shock Doctrine (which is not good and entirely laughable much of the time, though there are the occasional nuggets of truth and interesting sections – the author has a website [link removed] if you’re looking for biased information, but I have no resources for determining what makes a credible book on economics/politics – there’s also a Wikipedia page about it), writing a very brief paper, and working on our group presentation.

Due to some confusion between my paper planner and my Google calendar, I was convinced that I was going to be spending all of Monday and Tuesday nights reading this book also. My professor had bumped all of our reading back a week, and I’d updated my Google calendar but not my paper calendar, and the latter is what I was relying on (it also didn’t help in this situation that all of my calendars are M-Su instead of Su-Sa, since it was Sunday that I was looking at them). When I finally looked at my Google calendar, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that all that reading I’d just done was, in fact, all that I had to do before class on Thursday, and I was done! So much fun that I got to watch over an hour of television on Sunday night (even if it was just football and news).

Last night was spent grocery shopping and doing arts and crafts for class (the afore-mentioned group project), and tonight will be spent voting and doing more arts and crafts, and I promise not to make help tonight. Voting is terribly popular here in Minnesota, even though we rarely select the candidate who eventually becomes President. I’m not complaining, actually – it’s good to be somewhere where people are generally informed about what’s going on and have opinions and choose to vote. (Confidentially, is not voting because she is not educated on the candidates and doesn’t want to do the research, which is also a position I support because I’ve done that in the past, as long as you know then that you don’t get to complain about who gets chosen.)

Alright, I’ll sign off for now and save any other thoughts for another post. After all, lengthy posts like this won’t help me get any closer to 3,000 than short little ones. 699 left to go! I promise not to count down the entire time.

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  1. Me too! It didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, but pretty good I think. He loves the piano. I can’t wait to have it at my house. He was so thrilled when I played for him (at my mom’s request) that he couldn’t even look at me. He stared at the other wall and listened carefully. It would be fun to be able to teach him how to play when he gets older, don’t you think?

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