That 2,300th post I’ve been referring to

is finally here! I know, it’s so exciting. I’ve been delaying because I don’t really have anything good to talk about or pictures to share or recipes to post… and I didn’t really want to whine and complain and rant on such a momentous occasion. (Let’s just say that I’ve been a little stressed over school lately and have weird new muscle twitches, including one in my lower lip.)

So, what to talk about instead? Well, yesterday my congressman John Kline came to the bus station in the morning to shake hands. He seemed nice, so I thought I’d look up what he stands for (since shaking a hand is nice, but if we are polar opposites I’m still not going to vote for you), but I forgot. This morning, my representative Sandra Masin came and talked to people at the bus station, and she seemed very nice (and gave me a flyer, much like the thousands that have been in our mailbox daily for the last three weeks), and I thought I should look her up.

The flyer helped jog my memory, so I looked it up today, and while I won’t be voting for John Kline (sorry, John, but I think we disagree on almost everything), I will be voting for Sandra. It’s a little hard to tell for the latter exactly where she stands on the issues from her website because it’s a much smaller political position (and because the person who’s running against her says just about the same things), but she is endorsed by a whole bunch of groups that I trust (maybe a better way to put that is that I know their agendas and I can get on board with them, like the Sierra Club and my union), so that cinched it for me.

My Thursday afternoon teacher has promised to cancel class next week if Obama doesn’t win, because he will be too sad to teach.

OK, enough politics. Now on to what you’ve been waiting for… the winner! There were three whole comments on the “” post, and while I felt tempted to add in the extra 2 comments on the “Shock and Awe” post, I didn’t think that was necessarily fair, plus the three original commenters are regular readers, which seemed right. I asked a co-worker to pick a number between 1 and 3, and she chose…


So that means you, Susan, win! Congratulations! You get your choice of either two decorative pillows (such as for a couch) or two pillowcases (so sleep on). You didn’t leave your email address – I’m assuming you’re my Susan from college, and I’ll email you details. If by some strange chance you’re a different Susan, you’ll have to email me and let me know.

Sample Pillows:

Fall-themed pillows for the couch
Brown and green pillows for the bedroom

Sample Pillowcase:

Awesomely retro themed pillowcase

And, for the other two of you (and the rest of you), stay tuned in for an eventual real 3,000th post sometime in 2009 (probably, maybe 2010 depending on how life goes), with an even better giveaway!