Slightly Embarassed

I have to say (and I did edit the original post to reflect this as well), that my earlier-bragged-about high post count is not, in fact, true. I thought it was, really I did. I wasn’t lying when I said it. I was… misinformed by my eyes. You see, I saw on my dashboard the number 2, 296 and thought… that’s super-close to 3,000! Wrong. In four posts (now just one after this), it’s actually 2,300. I’m so embarrassed. saw my error right away. Numbers and I don’t necessarily get along – that’s my defense. Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of homework lately.

Really, a lot. Monday night I worked on my presentation for 2 1/2 hours. Last night I worked on it for an hour, spent 2 hours on my take-home essay quiz (it’s really quite bad by my standards, and I simply don’t care, and I may not have even truly followed the assignment), and then another hour on the presentation. I’ve also spent some time at work doing some research for the presentation. It’s tonight, and at the moment I’m not nervous. I haven’t rehearsed at all (unless you count discussing the merits of the arguments with ). I just have a really rough outline with a bunch of quotes. And an activity. I probably should have practiced what I wanted to say once, at least to watch for time, but whatever. I did used to do this on a weekly basis, so I have some practice under my belt. Approximately… (does math) 450 times, give or take a few dozen. And I was much less prepared many of those times. I did spend 5 minutes today pulling together a handout of resources for my classmates so if they were interested they could do further research themselves. (Did I mention there’s a decent chance I won’t go tonight, since in our 3-hour class we have 5 30-minute presentations and one 45-50 minute group presentation? And my teacher likes to talk, a lot, and totally is unaware of time.)

The rest of my time at work has been spent doing this.
We've got regional meetings coming up and these are the table decorations.

Lots of little words on clear labels individually adhered to nearly 1800 small shapes. I’ve got about 2/3rds of the flowers left. The squares were thankfully completed in a day. We ran out of labels, so I have a 1-2 day hiatus from the task until they come in.

Apparently it’s inevitable that in the fall I want to knit. It just seems right. I’m cold all the time and knitting is snuggly and warm. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), all my knitting supplies, with the exception of two unfinished baby blankets and a book of needles, are in storage. That didn’t stop me from browsing on Ravelry today for mitten patterns. Sometimes, I overwhelm even myself.

I am holding my own at the moment, just barely. My head is above water. I’m living day to day, so as to not be overwhelmed by the homework. Thankfully, the most overwhelming class will be over in four weeks (unfortunately, this means that everything needs to get done in four weeks). Breathe deeply, I keep telling myself.