Shock and Awe

Amazingly enough, even with the surprise-scheduled (less than 24 hour notice, that is) house showing, I managed to get a lot done this weekend and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress on the bazillions of things I’ve got in the hopper.

So, to show it all off in pictures…

Friday night, I did homework. No pictures of that. It was terribly boring. Saturday we went out and ran errands, which included a disgustingly easy shoe buying experience at Clark’s at the MOA. If they come in the mail this week like they’re supposed to (they were out of black in the store, but shipping was free), and they’re as comfortable as they felt in the store, I may be a lifetime convert. I’d post a picture, but I kinda forgot which pair I ordered; the whole thing happened so fast!

also walked into the Apple store and came out with a new laptop (planned, of course, because the night before he’d sold his old one to a guy on Craigslist). Then it was back home for more homework. Once I finished reading the Kozol book, I could take a break and work on something else.

If you recall on the BTRS Swap quilt, I had appliqued the flowers on last. I made the coin strip for the backing, and shortly found myself doing this:

Am I really quilting?

Did you need a closeup? Because I happen to have one:

Yes, I think I am!

The whole process was a bit messy (cutting out the strips, that is), but I didn’t get any pictures of that.

We also ate dinner, and I did some reading/research for class. Oh, and we went to Home Depot to get a new kitchen faucet (Delta), which installed while I did homework. It’s so pretty! Here’s the stock image, but ours is brushed nickel, not this silly chrome (which would look just awful in our kitchen):

New kitchen faucet

The old one looked nice, but we had terrible issues with dripping, and we had an on-faucet filtration system and they just didn’t get along. I grew up with a pull-out one like this, and has installed them in several houses, and I just adore them. This one toggles on the side nicely, switching between a regular stream and sprinkling/rain. It works nice and we’re pleased.

Sunday morning we cleaned the house and left so that some lovely people could come over and fall in love with it (hey, a girl can dream, right?). We managed to stop into Linens N Things while we were out, since they are going out of business (everything is currently “10% – 50% off,” but it’s more like 10% for most stuff). We didn’t find anything that was on our list (well, we found it, but 10% wasn’t enough of an incentive to buy it), but we did get some other stuff we’d wanted (like a very un-exciting ice cube tray, and a wine foil cutter). We also stopped at Sears and bought an in-sink water filtration system, which replaces the on-tap one we had before. Here’s what it looks like (it sits where the soap dispenser used to):

New water filter

did a great job of installing it. Conveniently, it sits underneath the sink and doesn’t have to be mounted, and Sears gave us a good deal on it (a lot better than the prices at Home Depot, surprisingly, who only carries GE brand).

More homework for me, and then I got the binding for the quilt sewn onto the front by machine, and after dinner set out to start sewing it onto the back by hand. I was dreading this part of the process, because it’s like hemming pants, which I hate, and my hands cramp up something awful after just one pant leg. Imagine a whole lap quilt! Surprisingly, my hands didn’t cramp up at all, and only hurt mildly towards the end, which I’m attributing to my embroidery work as of late. Also, as a nice bonus, I got it done in 2 hours! I was so thrilled, I kept showing it to at every stage of the game and he was quite nice to humor me.

So at about 10 pm, I popped it in the washing machine, quickly dried it, and we took these photos of the finished product:

BTRS Swap Lap Quilt finished – front
BTRS Swap Lap Quilt finished – back

Awesome, no? And, it’s officially my first completed quilt, since I have two others that need the binding sewn on. It will make it into the mail tonight or tomorrow morning, just in time for the deadline (which is today). I know I’m not the only one who was doing work at the last minute, and that several people haven’t finished yet. I feel very lucky that mine was sent to me last week, and that it is just gorgeous!

I suppose one of these days I should tell you about our trip to Grand Rapids last weekend, but the truth is that I keep forgetting to upload the photos to Flickr, and they’re at home on the server, which I can probably access from work but I don’t know how. So, another day….

The one thing I didn’t get done that I really needed to was call . I know she’s a bit disconnected from the internet these days, but if she’s reading this, know that I thought about you a lot this weekend and just wasn’t able to make any phone calls (and I refrained from emailing since I thought talking would be better).

Homework-wise I got one book finished, and my “Racial Autobiography” done. So before Wednesday I need to formalize my presentation (30 minutes on the afore-mentioned book), and by Thursday I need to do my take-home essay. No rest for the weary, right? Conveniently, all my swap items are taken care of except for the Doll Quilt Swap, which isn’t due until December 1st, and I have a lot of embroidery work completed on that, so I can take a breather from that if need be.

I’ve heard is back from Africa, which is good. She has some sweet pictures of penguins and other African things – maybe she’ll post some on her blog one of these days.

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  1. I found your blog through the BTRS. I wanted to check out the other quilts. yours is so lovely! You did a great job! I had planned to applique on mine, but I wasn’t sure if the recipient would like it, and after seeing yours I am kicking myself for not doing it. I loved the fabrics she sent you too.

  2. SSD – thanks for stopping by! I’m enjoying your blog too…. Did you have fun with the BTRS Swap? I’m looking forward to doing it again soon.

    Tammy – productivity means no time for chilling on the couch with my man, or taking that picnic to view the fall colors, or talking to my friends…. sacrifices. We each live our lives our own way. Mine at the moment happens to be going at breakneck speeds. I hope you’re enjoying a much more slow-paced life than I. Productivity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be (though it does mean pretty pictures for the blog).

  3. I did like making the lap-quilt, I even have two more halfway completed to use for Christmas gifts. But I must admit I did have problems with the corners. i think I need to find a visual demonstration. I asked the lady at my fabric fabric store but she told me she avoids binding by pillowcasing the edges. SO, maybe the next one I will gt it down!

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