A rather large number

So… lots of people who blog do some sort of special thing for their 100th post, or 200th, or 1,000th. Um, I’ve been blogging way longer than that (not that I’ve had that much to say, I just like to say it often, “aloud” to myself). I kinda missed 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000… can you see where this is going? In approximately 3 posts, I will reach a grand total of three thousand posts. Oh my goodness.

So obviously, I should do something fabulous and give away a car. But, I’m not Oprah. So maybe a nice crafty project. But, I don’t have time these days, so it might have to be a small crafted item. Hmm. I’ll have to think about that. I’m quite good at pillowcases. Anyone want some of those?

Here’s the deal: leave a comment on this post and whenever I get around to writing that three thousandth post (sometime early next week), I’ll randomly draw a winner and everything will be fabulous.

Of course, if no one leaves a comment, as often happens on this blog because despite the nearly three thousand entries, I really don’t talk about much of significance most of the time which means I’m not that popular, then I’ll just have to sit at home and eat chocolate ice cream by myself. And no one wants that. I barely fit into the few pairs of pants I own. So please, leave me a comment!

Editor’s Note: the author is not so good with numbers. It won’t actually be 3,000, but rather 2,300. Nonetheless, the giveaway will occur as planned. My bad. But, this does give me 700 posts to figure out an awesome giveaway for the real 3,000th post.

3 Replies to “A rather large number”

  1. 3000? That’s a ton of posts. I was happy that I jut had more than 300 posts for 2008 and that I’m, more than likely, going to hit my goal of more posts in 2008 than 2006 and 2007 combined.

    Congrats on the huge number!

  2. Kelly – I’m back and I feel like ish. I think it deserves a prize that despite my infirmed state, I’m leaving you this comment.
    Hope school is going well

  3. Congratulations!
    Your posts of late have left me inspired…started some embroidery this weekend. How fun! So far just some espresso cups on a towel and a cup of coffee on a towel (not finished yet).
    You are awesome my friend!

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