[Not-so] Quickly, disappointingly

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for over a week and left you all here to wonder where I went. So bad of me. I had a sudden 6 days off work that was mostly unplanned, which left me no time to set up posts in advance to entertain you in my absence. I’m guessing you all did fine with that, since is mostly without internets and is in South Africa (and sees me every day).

Last Monday through Wednesday, I was at a Spanish Immersion School getting my “cultural learning experience” hours in. Do I speak Spanish? No. Did I do anything other than sit and watch? No. Was I bored to tears? Yes. But, I did get my paper written, so it’s all good. I did learn some things, though not nearly as much as I should have for 15 hours of observation. Oh well. Another professor has hooked me up with a high school teacher in Bloomington so I can get my last 15 hours in (so I can apply to the program), and that will hopefully go better.

I also went to my last quilting class and learned how to put on binding. No photos of the finished product because I made some mistakes and need to re-do it (no worries – I was only a few inches into hand-sewing on the back of the binding), and haven’t had any time to do that.

There was also class as usual on Thursday afternoon, after Wednesday night’s class-not-as-usual, where we met at one of my group member’s to work out our group presentation (which had confusion and disaster all over it, since we were meeting at the home of the group member who is a foreign exchange student and seems to not really understand everything that’s going on, making life difficult, but it actually turned out OK after everyone finally found where we were supposed to be, which was almost funny but mostly frustrating and not entertaining enough to detail for you). The bonus of that was that instead of being in class from 6-9, we met at 5 (which my group decided the week before, without me, and I was lucky enough to be able to make it on time), and I got home by 7:30.

We had a house showing on Thursday morning. I was home for the morning, needing to be in Minneapolis by 1 for class, and accidentally slept in 2 hours (which meant I woke up at 9 instead of 7 like I was planning). The showing was 10-11, and I was supposed to be out of the house by 9:45, so I was rushed. We’d already cleaned the night before, but the bathroom needed some extra work, and I needed to get myself ready for the day as well. Much to my surprise, the Realtor showed up half an hour early! She was quite apologetic, and I scooted out of their way quickly, but I was a bit frustrated by it. Hopefully it went well, though we don’t have any feedback yet. I ran over to TJ Maxx and Old Navy before getting an oil change in the meantime.

We also had another showing on Monday morning, while we were traveling back from Michigan. I’ll have to tell you more about our trip later, because the pictures are all on ‘s laptop. It will most likely be later in the week, since tomorrow I will be out of the office most of the day, and have class at night.

This week is crazy. No more quilting class, but I realized that the “two weeks to mailing it out” deadline for the BTRS Swap was last Monday, meaning I have about 6 days to get it done in. The top is done, the batting bought, and the applique cut out, but I haven’t prepped the back yet, sewn on the appliques, or cut the binding. And I had wanted to do two matching pillowcases as well, which may not get done. Oops. Also, I have a take-home exam to complete by next Thursday, a class presentation next Wednesday, and has finally decided to purchase a garbage disposal so we can install it (her birthday present), which means a trip over there on Saturday. And I really wanted to move date night to Saturday so we could go to a state park and have a picnic, looking at all the pretty fall colors (we’re at peak now, but only for a short time!). I did get a ton of work done for the Doll Quilt Swap (what was I thinking, signing up for 2 swaps?) while we were in transit, so that can thankfully sit aside for a week while I focus on the other swap.

I did not get all caught up at work by 10 am like I predicted, but then again several people have sent me very annoying requests and I’ve been ignoring them, so that may be part of it. I will have to deal with them eventually though.

Look for pictures of our trip on Thursday!