Whew! and other things

It was a rush there towards the end, but I got it all done. Getting ready to be gone from the office for 6 days, that is. Normally I don’t have tons to do, and going away for a short time wouldn’t be an issue, but right after I get back is a meeting, and there are always things that I delay doing until I have to do them, and so push came to shove today. But, it’s all done. Well, everything but the stuff that I have to go in on Tuesday to do. That’s right, in the middle of my 6 days off work, I’m going into the office to work for an hour or two. Boo on that, I say, but it couldn’t be helped. Someone has to upload some files and that someone is me.

In other news, I have some pictures to share.

Wednesday, I met up with and her mentee instead of going to class, so that I could do my cross-cultural interview and write the paper that was due (that night in class). I got the paper completed and emailed in, and then used the time to make some progress on the BTRS Easy Lap Quilt Swap.

Wednesday’s progress

Thursday’s class got out an hour early, but I ended up waiting downtown Minneapolis almost 40 minutes for a bus, so that was mostly a waste. I did stop in to Goodwill on the way home, however, and found some lovely things.

A new dress…
…a fun book…
…and some wall hangings.

They’re not as hideous as you might think. OK, they are, but parts of that are fixable. First of all, the orange backing is felt that was falling off, and has since been removed. Now I’m left with how to refinish them. Originally, I was thinking black glossy paint, but I’ve since changed my mind towards white glossy paint. And I’d prefer a nice turquoise background, but I can’t decide if a solid or print would be better.


Also, I don’t actually have a room in the house to place them, so another thought is to just put them in storage until we have a new house, and then refinish them to match the decor there. But, given the current state of the economy, that could be a very long time. The birdies make me happy now, so I should figure out something to do with them. Maybe paint them white and do a temporary backing (dark brown?) that matches the room they would hang in (I’m thinking the spare bedroom – it’s kinda sparse on decorations)?

I’m sure Jessica of How About Orange [link removed] would have just replaced the orange background and left it at that. And G of doe-c-doe [link removed] would definitely know what to do, since she always does such nice things with her garage sale finds. Alas, I’m feeling slightly more challenged by this project. I’m torn between wanting them to look cool and wanting to keep the “gold” that they’ve got going on. OK, not really, because it absolutely must go. This is what comes from reading so many craft blogs. I’ve got ideas, but not necessarily the artistic eye to make it happen.

Then Thursday night (aka Date Night), after some delicious turkey tacos, I took some time to get it to this point:


I also figured out that the idea I had for some applique (something new for me) would work, and where to place it.

And now, I have to do homework, because if I don’t start now, I’ll never get to leave and go to JoAnns and Michaels and the co-op (to get some more Teeccino, because I’m almost out and I don’t want to pay shipping if I don’t have to).