Costume Help

I need some advice! What I really need is to have you vote, but I can’t get the good poll plugin to work because the hosting site is blocked here at work, and the other one I tried required there to be a right answer, which is not how polls work.

Here’s the thing: I have some awesome vintage patterns that I’d love to make a “Halloween Costume” from. But I can’t decide. Which one would look best, be worth my time, not make me embarrassed to be wearing it… I really have very little judgment at this moment.

Here are the options. Vote through the comments….

(a) Loves to play tennis
(b) Sophisticated woman

(c) Clearly medicated

(d) Dinner Party Hostess

(e) Happy Housefrau

Charlie's Angels”]

What do you think?

One Reply to “Costume Help”

  1. Before even reading that you labeled the last one Charlie’s Angels, that’s exactly what came to mind. Being that CAs are naughty and that’s what Halloween is all about, I say go for that 😉

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