BTRS Swap Update

Note: if my swap partner (that is, the partner for whom I’m making the quilt, not the partner who’s making the quilt for me) happens to drop in here, you should probably not read this post if you wanted progress to be kept a secret from you. Just sayin’….

So, the other day I received the fabric from one of my swap partners for the “Easy Lap Quilt” I’m making for her (wondering what that looks like? here’s some search results from Flickr). The book says 3 solids, 3 prints, 1 backing. She sent three prints total (OK, the brown one could be considered a solid), and I thought, OK, I can work with that. After all, I didn’t exactly follow the instructions either, if you remember, so why should I require everyone else to. It had been suggested that we could add some fabrics from our own stashes if we wanted to, so I took the opportunity (since I used it already for stash-busting, having purchased nothing for this project yet, and I wanted to keep it that way as much as possible).

Here’s what I came up with:

The three on the left are mine – the three on the right are hers. How’d I do? The yellow isn’t nearly as yellow as it looks in this picture.

So last night, I cut out the fabrics, and after playing around with layout and getting ‘s advice (he’s very good at this sort of thing, though after I took his suggestion and “fixed” it, he said, “I don’t know what you did, but it’s much better” – so he gets it, but only kind of), here’s the layout I ended up with:

What do you think?

Also, over the weekend, I did a little bit of sewing (besides finishing up the veil for Tink, which is now in the mail). I decided to try the coin quilt technique for some pillows. I’d found this pretty purple flannel as a remnant at JoAnn and thought it would make nice fall pillows for our living room.

Going through the rest of my stash, I came up with.

So, the pillows will be the purple flannel (it’s got leaves on it, if you can’t tell in the picture), and there will be a stripe of the “coins,” most likely offset to one side (like these ones [link removed] I made), because I like that look. I’m hoping they can be fall-like and winter-y, but it wouldn’t matter that much since pillow covers are so easy to make, and I always make them removable (because in our house, you need to be able to wash the cat hair off of things), so I could always make new winter-y ones, if we decide we want pillows. Oh, that’s right, we don’t actually have any pillows on our couches. I asked what size he wanted, and he said he didn’t know, because he didn’t know why we would have or use pillows. Hmm. I’m thinking small-medium. 14″?

Lastly in crafting, while finding new blogs (which means I really, really, really need to update my list of blogs I read on this here website, because I read about a dozen or two more than what’s listed there), I found Quilter’s Cache [link removed], which has (literally) thousands of quilt patterns. Here are some I picked out that I would like to make some day (though many are highly unlikely that I will ever be that skilled):

Quilt Patterns from Quilters Cache
Quilty Inspiration

(Description of each on the linked page)

That’s it for me – any votes for Halloween Costume yet?