Occasionally, I exercise great self-control. Like waiting until marriage to have sex, or not ripping my co-workers’ heads off. You know, important things. But, when it comes to, shall we say, smaller things, I am not so good. Want to eat that whole bag of cookies? Sure, go ahead. Don’t feel like going to the gym? Don’t. Feel the need to consume an entire bar of chocolate? Just do it.

This, of course, is what I’m struggling with at the moment. My goal for the day (just one day, mind you) was to eat healthy. I had my caffeine-free Teeccino along with some instant oatmeal for breakfast. I had a sandwich for lunch made of left-over pot roast (you simply have to try Jen’s recipe – I linked to it a few weeks ago and we made it this weekend and it was awesome!) and a slice of cheese. I also had celery with low-fat peanut butter. See how good I was? I was even going to skip the trip to the Tea Garden today since I’ve decided it would be prudent to cut back to once or twice a week, but then I got notice from a co-worker that I will be here all afternoon by myself, and that calls for some warm, toasty, Chai comfort.

But, while out to get my Chai (my decaf Chai, that is), I was overwhelmed with the desire to consume something else. I knew that back at my desk I had some lovely yogurt and a strawberry fruit leather, just waiting for my return. I took a very long walk (exercise is good, right, and this was the only chance I’d get until after dinner), all the time strongly craving something very specific. I was good. I returned to my desk with only the Chai, and quickly ate my yogurt and fruit leather. It wasn’t nearly as good as what I really wanted. But so much better for me, right? Even if I end up eating a few squares of Dove dark chocolate (the only chocolate I have in my cube), that’s gotta be better than what I really wanted.

Which was a large chocolate shake and a Moon Pie.