The big Friday Afternoon Update

My elbow hurts. Why, you ask? I’ve been taking Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin E, as well as Vitamin C and a multi-vitamin for over a month now, and have completely eliminated the tendinitis pain I experienced all summer long (simply from working at the computer). But, the combination of running out of my multivitamin last week (and not having time to get to Target to refill) and the bus ride home yesterday (I got to stand the entire way on the yellow line, you know, the one that if someone is standing in front of it the bus magically can’t operate, and had to hold on to something with my right arm, so my elbow took a beating, and I knew it was happening but couldn’t do anything about it) means that it hurts something awful today. OK, not really awful. Between annoying and completing-interfering-with-my-life. I took Advil. It didn’t work. I’m wearing my brace. It’s not working either. Sad.

I spent some time this morning crashing both and ‘s email systems. That was fun. It wasn’t intentional. She asked me to send pictures from when we saw , so I did, but they were too big for her system to handle. I only sent 3, singly attached to emails, but no good. We’ll have to work something out.

I strongly require a nap. A 12-hour nap.

Just a smidge of homework tonight. I also have to finish the veil I’m making for a blog-friend. Last night I got the ribbon sewn on, and it’s 75% attached to the comb, but then it was 10:30 and I was super tired and had run out of thread (which was all the way upstairs!), so I called it a night. Note: I hate working with invisible thread. Sewing things onto combs is annoying, but invisible thread is a nightmare. That will be my only complaint about this project because I’ve really enjoyed it and think the end result will be very nice, and it feels good to do something nice for someone getting married. I remember what it was like, all the planning and stressing over what things cost and so forth – being on the other side of that, besides being wonderful, brings out a lot of sympathy for people still in that stage. Plus, it carries a family tradition all the way across the states ( made ‘s, I made mine with some sewing help from , and I’m not family at all in this instance, so maybe that doesn’t make any sense, but I do believe that it is so easy to make a veil and costs so little, that no one should have to pay ridiculous prices for a store-bought one).

Yesterday I had a haircut from another new stylist, as the last one didn’t work out at all. This girl seemed very knowledgeable and had suggestions, asked for my input, had a plan, etc. I’m liking how it turned out (though we’ll see what it looks like in 6 weeks, since that’s when I knew my last haircut had been bad). I have noticed today that my hair still isn’t curling its best, despite the cut, which means that my hair has grown averse to my styling products and I need some new ones. It’s about time. I’ve been using the same stuff for quite some time (I’m on my 3rd or 4th refill on most of them), and that’s just way too long. My hair is like that – it likes change.

I’m all caught up at work, including my email, which is nice. I only have 3 messages in my Inbox, and they’re from June and July. I’ve got some more work to do this afternoon with our policy manual (ooh, exciting stuff), but that’s about it.

I’ve recently discovered a bunch of new blogs, mostly craft blogs, that I’ve really been enjoying. I’ll have to share them soon. And I’ve found some new Flickr groups that are great! If you’re interested in those, just go to Flickr and you can see them in my profile.