Slightly Surprised Evening

The surprise? The “Hemming Your Pants on Your Machine” class that I signed up for in the beginning of September was on Monday night, not Tuesday like my planner and the flyer from the store said. So, I had an unexpected evening at home (I argued over the phone with the lady at the store about the correct date, but then she told me she taught it, and then she was nice enough to transfer my class fee over to next week’s quilting class, so it was okay in the end). Surprised? Yes.

Not surprising? How I spent it. After dinner (which was not enjoyable simply because my lunch had made me nauseous and so I wasn’t feeling the food vibe), I went to JoAnns. It was what I was planning on doing before class, just now I didn’t have any end time to leave the store. I found the ribbon I needed for a wedding veil I’m making, some invisible thread to attach it to the monster comb (4 1/2 inches!), some new transfer patterns while I wait for our local Michaels to get Sulky pens in stock (because 1 doesn’t carry it and the other 2 are out of stock), and, of course, some fabric. Not much though, promise. Just a print that I’d wanted for a while (and thought I’d bought as a remnant, but it turns out that it was a matching print with large flowers, not the smaller ovals I was looking for), a flannel remnant (fall-colored pillows for the living room?), and some super-cheap canvas/linen remnants to embroider onto.

Oh, and a small wooden box, because I’m copying doe-c-doe and making a little jewelry box [link removed] to enter Craftster’s Fall Needlework Challenge (“What does fall mean to you?”). Well, maybe. I just read that I have to have it posted by October 13th. I’m not sure I can get the box appropriately finished by then. The embroidery won’t be a problem. I’m making the tree and birds from this Clover pattern (bought last night). I also got an Aunt Martha’s one that’s a bunch of apples (I don’t see it on their site), but the actual transfers are HUGE! Most of them wouldn’t fit in the workspace I had. I almost got the Java Break one, until I remembered that I don’t drink coffee anymore, and that made me sad.

I would have liked it if JoAnns had had two of the other Clover patterns: Kitchen, and Garden. The Aunt Martha’s transfers are so cheap that I could have bought more, but they’re pretty old-school and not really my style. I also looked at the Bucilla patterns, but the store didn’t have the ones I liked (Paisley, Butterflies, and Tall Flowers). Oh well.

Back at home I did laundry and started embroidering. I looked at the apples from the orchard and thought about doing something with them, but didn’t.

It sounds like I’ve got my set-up to do my volunteer hours (15 by October 22nd – actually, the paper is due the 22nd) finally, with the same teacher I did them with this summer. She’s at a different school, and it’ll actually be junior high instead of the mixed-bag of summer school. I really wanted to do a different teacher and be in the Richfield or Bloomington districts, but Richfield hasn’t returned my email, and Bloomington requires 2 hours a week for 6 months. Um, not do-able for me. I will still need another 15 to apply to the program, either by December 1 if I decide to go for Spring, or sometime in March or April if I decide to wait. Hopefully I can get the hook-up with Richfield by then. I’m also hoping to scam a junior higher either during my volunteer hours (unlikely, since the paper is due next Wednesday) or from (though I don’t know if her mentee is of a racial background “different from my own”). I really don’t enjoy these “interview someone and then write a reflection on it” papers, especially since we’re given absolutely no guidance whatsoever on finding these people. Hi, you don’t know me, but can I interview you? Riiiight.

Class tonight. I’m going to try ordering Davanni’s first and picking it up on the way, since yesterday’s lunch was a bust and I didn’t buy any Lunchables this week. We’ll see if I can get the timing right. I need to be well-fed so I can argue my grade with my professor (*butterflies in stomach*).

Sorry this post was so visually boring – the links have some pretty stuff on them.