Oh, if only I had the time, we’d all be covered in coconut

Seriously, having a serious love for coconut right now. Therefore, I bring you, the Coconut Linkfest!

  • Coconut Cardamom Burfi [link removed]
  • Coconut Lemon Bars [link removed] (a fabulous idea to improve the already amazing lemon bar!)
  • Coconut Swirl Brownies
  • Perfect Party Cake (with matcha-flavored buttercream frosting and coconut for looks) (a second version [link removed], this time with matcha-flavored cake and coconut buttercream frosting)
  • Lamingtons [link removed] (an Australian treat, I’m led to believe – did you know there were so many bloggers in Australia? I’ve been reading some lovely craft-related blogs by Australians lately)
  • Bouche de Noel [link removed] – OK, for those of you who didn’t take French class in high school, this is a traditional French Christmas-time dessert. The one brought in by my teacher (she only did it once) was quite un-enjoyable, and so I’d sworn them off. But, this one looks like it could remedy that, and might be worth trying in December if I find the time (one of my classes ends the week before Thanksgiving, so there is hope).
  • Vanilla Coconut Custard [link removed]
  • Coconut Cream Cake [link removed]
  • Chocolate Caramel Coconut Cake [link removed] (could there be any more perfect c-words to put with this? I think not!)
  • Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake [link removed] (oh, how I wish that our mini bundt cake pan wasn’t in storage!)
  • Coconut Cupcakes [link removed], and a second recipe [link removed]
  • Coconut-Lime Cake [link removed] (this one may have to wait for the summer when I’m feeling more beach-y)
  • White Chocolate, Coconut, Macadamia Nut [link removed] cookies – after eating a delicious white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie last week, and then thinking about my coconut affliction, I realized that combining the two would be awesome, and I conveniently found a recipe that supports this theory! (second recipe [link removed], for those of you who want options)

Perhaps you’ve noticed no non-dessert options in this list. Well, I like my coconut in a specific place, and that’s promptly in the sphere of dessert. I know there are plenty of other options for using coconut in cooking, I’m just not on board with them.

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