le Sigh (that’s French for “sigh”)

I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed by stuff to do since the semester started. Don’t get me wrong, because I am totally enjoying my classes, and I know that I have also taken on some extra things like that quilting class, and our house is still clean and we eat dinner together regularly, so obviously it hasn’t all gone to heck. In fact, we still have date night on Thursdays, so that’s a homework-free zone (and computer-work-free, and crafting-away-from-your-loved-one-free).

But on the same path, I haven’t had a phone conversation lasting more than 90 seconds with anyone in weeks, haven’t seen my friends since… sometime in August maybe? Or was it (sadly) July? I don’t even know. I haven’t baked cookies in forever. Even if I was motivated to go to the gym, I don’t know when I’d go – I think I’d have to sacrifice sleep, and that is not the way I’m willing to go with that.

There has been a significant amount of homework this semester, mostly reading, some paper-writing, and the big parts aren’t even here yet. Looming on the horizon are 15 volunteer hours at a local school (thanks, RMS, for not responding to my email yet, 3 days later) by October 22, one individual 30-minute presentation, one group 55-minute presentation, and applying to the UTP program by December 1 (though that may just get pushed back to next semester, because there are classes I can take this spring without it, and it requires another 15 volunteer hours). Oh, and a trip out of town for a cousin’s wedding in October.

My already-packed weekend just got another 1/3rd of a book thrown onto it, because time is coming up fast for it to be read and it wasn’t in my planner yet. I started thinking yesterday that this was all just a bit too much, and not really my style (to be overbooked). And then I corrected myself, thinking about when I was in college (the first time around). Oh, yeah, most semesters I took a full or overfull courseload, worked 1-3 jobs, and volunteered with a youth group, as well as numerous other campus activities. But, that was a decade ago, and I could still pull all-nighters then, and had the relief of summer and Spring Break and a month at Christmastime. Not so with Metro State, where I had a weekend between Spring and Summer, and 10 whole days between Summer and Fall. I’m not looking up to see what my break between Fall and Spring is, because it might make me cry. (Have I mentioned I’m taking next summer off, because it’s just too much and I need a break?)

I seem to remember having a whole lot of fun in college, though, so… what’s with that? How did I manage to have fun and have such a full schedule? Especially that summer I worked in San Francisco, when I worked 18 hour days? How did that all go down?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not asking to relive those days. I’ll definitely take now to then. I just wish I felt like I had things a little more under control.

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  1. I love coin quilts! Especially because they can be super easy to make. here is what I do. I cut a million strips of fabric ususally around 2-3 inches wide and 15 or so inches long (this is changed depending on how long I want the strips to be) So now I have a big pile of strips of cloth then I sew them together. So I sew maybe 15-20 of them together, press them with an iron and then I cut them vertically. This gives me like 10ish coins per chunk of strips I sew together.

    I’ll try to show a tutorial soon since I am sure other people look for methods too! I hope it makes sense. Feel free to let me know if you have questions

  2. Betty – thanks for the info! I think I’ll try a coin quilt this winter (I’ve got 3 in the works at the moment, and as you can tell from this post, way too much other stuff going on). I’m definitely looking forward to it though. Great blog you’ve got there!

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