Apples, anyone?

If, like me, you find that your weekend plans include a trip to the Orchard, and you know that the result of said trip will be more apples than you currently know what to do with (because the only really good apple crisp recipe you had disappeared years ago and you have yet to find a replacement, and the boy you married doesn’t eat pie, or whatever your reasons might be), here are some possible ways to eat those apples (most, if not all, found via TasteSpotting):

  • Apple Turnovers [link removed]
  • Apple Crumble for an Army [link removed] – might it be possible for this to replace my lost apple crisp recipe? I hope so!
  • Almond Apple Cake [link removed]
  • Mock Apple Pie [link removed] (in case you don’t actually have any apples at home)
  • Apple Blondies [link removed] (second recipe down)
  • Mini Apple Pies (how cute!) [link removed]
  • Apple Crumble [link removed] (if the earlier recipe doesn’t work, perhaps this one will)
  • Spicy Apple Raspberry Crisps [link removed]
  • Apple and Macadamia Nut Crumble [link removed] (love the addition of macadamia nuts – definitely will have to try this one)
  • Spiced Apple Crunch [link removed] (oh, at this point, I just can’t decide which one to make first!)
  • Apple and Cider Beignets [link removed] (should I really try deep frying again? Maybe I should get a thermometer first)

Did I mention that not only does not like fruit pie (I really only like apple pie – all the rest of the fruit pies are yech), he doesn’t really like baked fruit at all? So, um, I might be eating all the apples myself. Sweetie, if you’re reading (which you probably aren’t, having been quite busy lately), could you let me know which ones of the above you might eat, if any?

and , I hope you’re taking notes, since you’ll soon be in the same predicament as me….

I’ve got another backup of recipe links to share that I should get a handle on (wasn’t that nice for a while when they were auto-posting for me, because I’d done them all up in advance? Oh, the joys of WordPress…). Stay tuned.

3 Replies to “Apples, anyone?”

  1. Hee hee. You’re warning to Amanda and I at the end reminded me of the time you almost set me up at brunch before we went apple picking…

  2. Liz – I don’t remember the incident you’re talking about. You’ll have to refresh my memory on Sunday.

    Christie – thanks for stopping by! I hope to try your recipe soon!

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