Man, was I productive last night.

  • Dinner – check.
  • Finally take care of store-bought roasted chicken and turn into stock – check (not nearly as flavorful as the last batch, but it’ll still work for making rice).
  • Write paper – check.
  • Vacuum – check.
  • Quick trip to JoAnn – check (one of these days I’ll be home while it’s light out and take photos, promise).
  • Quilt blocks squared – check.
  • Paper recycling dealt with – check.
  • Fabric that arrived on doorstep taken care of (washed, dried, ironed, folded, not photographed or put away) – check.

Phone calls last night – 0.
Emails sent – 0.
Superfluous web surfing – none.

I was so good last night! So very productive. It has carried on to this morning, unfortunately, which means that all the very important things I had to do today have all been done, leaving me with nothing. Well, a few things, but I can’t actually do any of them until people email me back the answers to my questions.

Let the web surfing begin! (Might have some fun over at the FabricMatcher, pointed out to me by Mrs. Schmenkman and some others.)