It’s practically obscene, my writing 3 posts in one day (well, only if you count Unconscious Mutterings).

Here’s the thing. I’d like to write my paper, really I would. But, you see, my legs are quite jumpy right now (which won’t change whether or not I write the paper), and my pantyhose are dreadfully uncomfortable (what was the chance that out of the 2 clean pair, I’d grab the most uncomfortable one that I’d worn most recently? Pretty good, apparently), and I’m slightly itchy.

There was a major (for me) allergy flare-up this weekend. I ran out of Zyrtec on Thursday, but I figured I could go a few days without it, until I remembered to pick some up (why not? I can go several days without Wellbutrin, and that’s a bigger deal to me, or at least I thought it was, until the soon-to-be-mentioned incident, which has me contemplating which one I’d rather give up, if I had to, and I think I might keep Zyrtec). So, I continued on my merry life Thursday, Friday…. I was having some itching on my legs, but that happens periodically and I didn’t think anything of it (there was an actual rash-like spot that showed up before I ran out of the Z, so it’s unrelated). Saturday morning, I woke up terribly congested, thought that odd, but then continued with my life, totally unaware that I was still without Zyrtec.

Until Saturday night, when I was upstairs trying to fix that pair of pajama pants for . I was standing at the ironing board, trying to measure things, and kept getting interrupted by the constant need to scratch my eyes. They were watering, and then I realized that I’d been sniffly for quite a while, and then I realized I was out of Zyrtec and quite possibly could I be having an allergy attack? Quickly looking at the clock, I determined CVS was open, popped on shoes, pulled out the door (OK, not so much), and skedaddled down the street to get me some drugs. Also, I found some wonderful eye drops for allergies that put the kabosh on my itchy eyes right away (after much tearing up, of course). I am so thankful that the OTC allergy medication that happens to work for me also happens to be the one that is fast-acting (according to their commercials, 2 hours faster than Claritin, which did absolutely nothing for my itchiness). I finally stopped needing to blow my nose and randomly scratch by bedtime.

Well, that was a shocker, that since I’ve been taking Zyrtec for 4 months straight now, that I practically need it at least every other day to exist peacefully within my own body.

Man, I need to get my paper-writing groove on. I do not want to spend the entire night doing homework.