Elbow (and other random stuff) Update

Several weeks ago, I reached a point where I was tired of my elbow hurting almost daily, and frequently wearing my brace and taking Advil. Well, there’s not really much one can do for tendinitis besides bracing and taking pain killers and avoiding aggravating the injury if possible, right? I mean, Wikipedia clearly states:

tendons and ligaments are very slow to heal if injured, and rarely regain their original strength. Partial tears heal by the rapid production of disorganized type-III collagen, which is weaker than normal tendon. Recurrence of injury in the damaged region of tendon is common.

Now, WebMD tells me not to worry and I’ll get better all on my own, or I’ll need surgery.

The internet, however, gave me hope for other options. I started taking Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C (I had a few other supplements earmarked, but I couldn’t find them in the right strengths at Walgreens and was too lazy to order them from GNC), as they have anti-inflammatory properties (which is what tendinitis is, an inflammation). You know what? It worked! I haven’t worn my elbow brace in… two weeks, maybe longer? It’s exciting.

In other exciting Kelly-is-weird medical news, I seem to have found a magical combination of bar soap, body wash, and lotion (along with Zyrtec, which I’m still taking daily) that don’t make me itch. It’s joyous.

And, and, I got my test results back from this week’s doctor’s appointment, which clearly state that 1) I don’t have cervical cancer, and 2) my cholesterol test was “within acceptable limits.” Now that second part I’m a little unclear on, since it said the range was supposed to be 0-200 and I scored 219. But whatever. My doctor didn’t call me back for a fasting cholesterol test, so if she’s not worried, I’m not. I may do some more research to figure out what that means, but that’s it.

In other news, I have an early, quick review of the Teecchino: it’s tolerable. 3/5 stars. More details later.

And as far as being decaffeinated, I’m not doing so well. I mean, I am, in that I’ve got much less caffeine in my life, but I am seriously dragging these days. I sleep on the bus on the way to and home from work. I’m about to fall asleep here at my desk. I had a headache this morning (which was thankfully averted with Advil). I’m not terribly cranky at the moment, but I may just be too tired to be cranky.

This weekend’s plans include: homework, homework for quilting class, visiting , more homework, a little bit of sleep, more homework, and probably some cleaning or laundry. Exciting, I know.