Have you noticed the date today? Exactly one year ago, right now, the music started, and about half an hour later, we were officially married!

Can you believe it has been a whole year?

Just over three years ago, on a website that was fairly unknown at the time (and is still probably not very big if you’re outside the community) called Geek-to-Geek, sent me a message and we started talking. Sadly that was several email addresses ago and therefore I can only tell you that he was charming and made me swoon. A lot. And after we met for the first time, we couldn’t seem to spend enough time together, and he spent a lot of time driving back and forth between our houses.

And when whole weekends would go by and we’d barely spent any time apart and we still wanted to be together, well, we knew we had something special.

And even though I freaked out a lot early in our relationship because dating was not something I’d had much experience with, he was amazingly patient and kind and understanding and waited around for me to fall in love with him, and waited even longer for me to say it.

And nearly a year to the day passed by from then to when he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes.
I’d already figured out that any future I had with him was infinitely better than the future without him.

Why does he love me? Who knows… and who wants to ask questions like that. I know that I love him for many reasons I can’t articulate. I know that I’ve chosen an intelligent, driven, handsome man who is as committed to marriage as I am, who makes me laugh, encourages me, tolerates my craft-supply-hoarding, and lets me take pictures of tiny little things (just to name a few). I know that despite all our differences that frustrate us, make us laugh, or just confound us, we are stronger and better together.

I know that the future is probably going to be more difficult than the past, that whatever it holds will require patience, understanding, persevering, continued commitment, and above all, love. I’m sure that the biggest struggle we’ll face will not compare to the stress of planning a wedding (last year) or the frustrating of trying to sell our house (this year). But I’m also sure that there will be lots more giggling, hand-holding, and moments of just being amazed at what a wonderful thing we have (and what a wonderful man he is).

Keeping it all in perspective, like I said when planning the wedding, if at the end of the day, we’re married, then it was a success.