Creative Weekend

Some of the fun things I did this weekend include… (links go to the Flickr photo pages, since we didn’t get that Flickr plugin fixed yet)

  • Picking out fabric for the Christmas Star Wall Hanging [link removed] I’m doing as part of a beginning quilting class. OK, not exactly fun, because I wasn’t pleased with the strict instructions to purchase Christmas red and Evergreen fabrics, because all the Christmas fabrics in those colors looked like bad wrapping paper my Grandma would use, and all the pretty ones were blue, which was definitely not allowed. I ended up bending the rules slightly with a green polka dot, a red bandana print for the back, and a pink with green paisley for the border (and a buttercream solid instead of strict cream for the background). I think it works well together, but we’ll see how much trouble I get into for not following directions. I tried to stay as close to the list as possible without making something that I would hate to look at (because it’s no fun making something you think is hideously ugly). I also got all the squares cut out [link removed].
  • I made some new pillowcases [link removed] for our bed. was totally in love with his old one [link removed], but I thought maybe it would be nice if he had more (so I wouldn’t have to wash the sheets right away if I didn’t want to). They turned out pretty well, I think. I tried something new and it turned out really cool! I think I came up with it all by myself, but can’t be sure. I used the instructions on J Caroline Creative, which don’t explicitly include this step, but I didn’t really follow them except for the cutting directions anyways, so who knows. Here’s the cool change I made:
    • Take the contrast band and fold it in half lengthwise, as instructed (right side out). Pin it to the wrong side of the fabric (this feels very, very wrong, since normally in sewing you pin everything to the right side so that the seams are on the inside, but in this case, we want the seam on the outside). Sew the seam (with a very small edge, or at least smaller than the width of your pretty ribbon).
    • You should probably iron the seam at this point, but I was lazy (and was doing 4 pillowcases), so I didn’t. If you do, iron the seam down towards the main part of the pillowcase.
    • Pin the ribbon over top of the seam [links removed], so that it completely encases all the raw edges. Sew down both edges.
    • Take a peek inside your pillowcase [link removed] (OK, not inside specifically, but flip it over and look at the inside [link removed]) – no raw edges! It’s amazing!
  • I also made Hot and Sour Soup, and Spring Risotto with Zucchini and Peas (recipes coming soon – the day here at work has just flown by!).
  • We finished hanging the blinds, which are absolutely gorgeous. I could swear I took a picture before leaving the house this morning, but there isn’t one on the memory card, so I must have gotten distracted.