I am having a delicious Greek-inspired salad today (“inspired” because it has lettuce in it, which true Greek salad does not, and also because it doesn’t have olives or tomatoes, because I don’t like those) – romaine lettuce, cucumbers, feta cheese crumbles, Greek dressing (store-bought), and for kicks, a hard-boiled egg. It’s quite delish. (And yes, I am eating lunch at 3:15 in the afternoon, and no, I didn’t eat breakfast, and I’m just all completely turned around food-wise today – I almost got a frappuccino this morning instead of a mocha, for Pete’s sake, if that tells you how confused I am.) I highly recommend.

This, of course, led me to a quick search on TasteSpotting for “greek salad” (only a few posts, which taught me some of the above). But lately, what I’ve really been craving is … eggs. I know, weird. Warm eggs, specifically. Eggs Benedict would be lovely, but so would a nice poached egg just about any way you want to prepare it for me. (I actually prefer my Eggs Benedict without the Canadian Bacon, aka ham, so if you want to go ahead and give me real bacon or a nice salmon cake, that’d be excellent – notice how I avoided making any cheesy pun with the words excellent and eggs there? I’m looking out for you.) And if you search TasteSpotting for “eggs,” you get nearly 300 beautiful pictures, and I want to eat all of them.

Normally, a craving like this would signal to me that my diet is lacking in protein at the moment – such cravings usually come in clumps, like when I want chicken or eggs or cheese, and then I realize the common denominator and that I haven’t eaten much of that particular item lately. But I am absolutely, positively sure that my diet is not lacking in protein. No way, no how. The quantity of steak consumed by myself is, well, just disgusting. We went out to dinner (Granite City, which I highly recommend) on Thursday for date night, and I got a steak, which meant leftovers. Those were eaten on Sunday for lunch, followed by a lovely dinner of… grilled steak. Yes, I did used to be a vegetarian. Used to being the key words there. There’s nothing like a steak from the butcher made lovingly by exactly the way I like it (medium rare, with the “special seasoning” rubbed in).

So if I don’t need protein, why exactly am I craving eggs? It’s not like I need cholesterol in my diet (though I don’t need to worry about it either – my test results always come out lovely, thanks to good genes). What else is it that eggs provide?

While I ponder this, I’m going to go drool over pictures of eggs on TasteSpotting. Join me if you wish (sorry, can’t post a link directly to a search on their site)….

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  1. eggs provide omega 3 (or is it omega 6) fatty acids. maybe you should eat fish once in a while instead of steak 🙂

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