Inspiration and some good news (and a boring weekend update)

[Editor’s note: Sorry, pictures are a little weird right now, because my Flickr plugin for WordPress isn’t working, and I’m not sure why. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed and things will return to normal soon.]

I’ve really been digging this photo (seen on Apartment Therapy).

I’m wondering what I could possibly do in our relatively small bathroom (OK, it’s normal sized, but there’s just really not much one can do with a normal sized bathroom, is there? Every bit of space is utilized to the max!) that is similar, and I just can’t think of anything.

In related news, just got a call and we have a house showing tomorrow night! After a month of nothing (and contemplating what it is we need to do next, do we drop the price, etc), and one weekend of getting a bunch of little (but extremely painful and tedious) fix-ups done, this came at just the right time. Over the weekend, I cleaned the wall behind the kitchen sink and touched up paint in the kitchen, and touched up paint in the garage as well. finished the baseboard in the bathroom, which was a huge project. I also spent a long time Sunday morning cleaning the fridge (so very gross), and worked on our network, which involved moving computers and lots of cables and… stuff. So tonight, we’ll do a little more clean up, will fix the spot on the bathroom ceiling (don’t ask), and I’ll patch the bit of paint by the baseboard in the bathroom. And then tomorrow someone will come and fall in love with our house and offer us our asking price and life will be grand! OK, that may be pie in the sky dreams, but it could happen.

New sewing machine cover

Also, I am still sick, so while I was relatively productive this weekend, I did not get everything done that I’d hoped. I did make it to JoAnn and the thrift store on Friday night. I came away with some awesome calico that I then used to make a sewing machine cover and a new ironing board cover (check the Flickr photostream for pics) from the thrift store, and the notions (bias tape, really) that I needed from JoAnns, as well as plenty of fabric I probably didn’t need (but oh so cute!). The drive home was a little sketchy, as I’d taken a full dose of Alka-Seltzer Cold & Sinus earlier and it had fully kicked in. After showing off my purchases to (who is so wonderful as to always seem interested), I went to bed and slept for 12 hours.

Then there was the cleaning and house projects the rest of the weekend, as discussed earlier, as well as fixing up some loose ends on sewing projects. I have a few pictures to show you today, and a few more tomorrow, as the pictures we took yesterday need to be re-taken (what was I thinking, wearing that grey ratty tank top in pictures, or out in public?).

New pants
New skirt

And we got our wedding quilt, which arrived on Thursday, put on the bed and photos taken (to send back to the creator, my aunt, and also to , who wanted to see).

Wedding quilt received
Wedding quilt backing, quilting, binding, and label – perfection!

I also discovered that my steroid cream (for the itching) does wonders for red, painful sunburn. My legs have returned to a normal color and stopped itching completely. Yay for steroids! Just kidding. Kids, use them responsibly. If I didn’t, I’d have no more skin left on my legs at some point (because topical steroids thin the skin, and that is just no good, so you have to be very, very careful and use sparingly).

I think that’s it.