This weekend

Last weekend, as you may know, was spent camping. This is the only other weekend between summer and fall semesters (because yes, classes start on Wednesday for me! already!), which means I (we) have big plans. Here’s some of the things I’d like to get done:

  • Finish up a bunch of the little projects around the house (like the last little corner of baseboard in the bathroom, the spot on the bathroom ceiling that needs to be patched, the few spots in the garage that need to be sanded and re-painted, getting replacement rollerblinds for the upstairs windows)
  • Clean out the fridge (something spilled – something sticky – quite a while back, and I can no longer ignore it), and bleach the kitchen dishrags (they start to smell….)
  • Work on some more sewing projects (I’ve already finished two this week, and I think I could knock out at least two or three more this weekend), including a new ironing board cover, which is sorely needed
  • If the weather cooperates, drive into downtown St Paul and take pictures (because it’s all pretty right now due to the impending GOP Convention, and I’d like to see my beautiful city through different eyes)
  • A quick trip to JoAnns for some supplies and one to CHAP thrift store tonight
  • Some baking perhaps, though I’m not specifically inspired
  • Some fabric organization and closet cleaning, after a few weeks of stashing and our camping trip, so that my morning routine gets back to normal

Unfortunately, this may be how I end up spending my weekend:

OK, so that’s not me, but after browsing through my Flickr photostream, it became clear to me that I don’t really have any photos of myself sleeping. Why might I spend my whole weekend doing this? Well, I seem to be sick with a summer cold. While we were camping, I thought I was coming down with whatever had (the sore throat seemed to be a bad sign), but I willed it away (“nope, I’m not sick, don’t know what you’re talking about). But, regardless of my willpower, camping is not exactly the best way to help your body stay strong and/or heal. There was a bunch of crappy sleep (true, we got to lay in bed for nearly 10 hours each night, but I spent a good portion of that time either awake and uncomfortable, or asleep and uncomfortable, or waking up and painfully sore), freeze-dried food (which tasted good for the most part, and met nutritional requirements for energy etc, but probably wasn’t the most nutrient-rich ever), and the lack of Vitamin C at my disposal. There was that clean wilderness air, but instead of being able to breathe better, I was stuffier (leading me to believe that I do probably have allergies like and and more recently – I’m just late to the game, like glasses, that they all got when they were junior high-aged and I waited until I was nearly 30).

And so I have spent this entire week blowing my nose. I just bought a new box of Kleenex for my desk here at work, actually, having run out. I also re-stocked on Emergen-C. But I haven’t taken any cold medication, because… well, why. Truthfully, it’s just a very annoying runny nose. Oh, and the being tired thing (more so than usual). But then yesterday I started feeling slightly… fuzzy. Kind of the feeling that I get when I take cold medication (which I’ve always attributed to the meds). It’s unfortunate to have that feeling and yet not be receiving any relieving effects from meds. I may have to re-think my standing on cold medication (which is: avoid it like the plague, and if it’s truly dire, go for Alka-Seltzer Cold or something marked children’s).

So I really feel like spending the weekend in bed. But I also want to enjoy my weekend to its fullest. We’ll see which part of me wins out!