Not really feeling inspired today

To post anything, that is.

But I’ll give you some pictures anyways.

All from Ikea… some current favorites of mine:

My creation
In the center is the new desk for the Expedit bookcase that I want to get (the bookcase, and then the desk just makes it all that much better) when we have a new house if I have a craft room. The rest of it is just fun.

More Ikea Favorites
Some fabrics and textiles that I'm liking (but won't be purchasing).
Ikea Fabric Favorites
And some fabrics that I might get up the gumption to purchase, if I find the time to go over to Ikea sometime when it's not super crazy. Like not right now, because the whole back to school, college, whatever thing is going on and Ikea can be crazy then. But, you know, later.

Happy Friday!