Good Thing / Bad Thing

First, the good thing: today’s XKCD [link removed] is awesome, assuming you’ve ever been to church and grew up in the 80s.

Then, the bad thing: I seem to be unable to dress myself well these days. This has culminated in today’s outfit, where I am wearing white shoes with grey pants. I know, perhaps not the “OMG the world is going to be blasted into oblivion by aliens or that meteor or whatever,” but important to me nonetheless. The factors? I did not do laundry like I should have last night, so all my khakis are dirty. I can’t wear the closet full of skirts today, because my legs are really itchy, and itchy plus nylons is not good. Trust me. Plus, many of my pants are sitting in storage, because I got a bit chubby. Lastly, my feet have shrunk, resulting in my failure to own any black shoes that don’t cause me pain, sandal or otherwise.

If I didn’t itch right now (with some nice red bumps thrown in for good measure), to the point of having to use the anti-inflammatory cream my doctor gave me, I’d be OK for the rest of the week, because my skirt wardrobe is fine and fits and if it fails me, I have a few dresses I can wear to work. But, um, yeah, I do itch. Badly enough that I’m anxiously awaiting 9 a.m. when I can take my Zyrtec, which yesterday brought me such relief that I promised to kiss the feet of whoever created it. Such is life. Oh, and I have absolutely no idea what it is currently that I’m allergic to. I’d say that the new lotion is suspect, but I haven’t used it yet, because I’ve been using new soap. I’d say that was suspect, except that the itching started before I bought it. We haven’t changed laundry detergents and I’ve only been using baby oil (which brings some nice relief when I only itch a bit) on my skin. Maybe I should check the salt level in the water softener? I have no idea. The problem is that symptoms are so slow to appear that it could have been anything in the last few weeks that I’ve come into contact with.

What’s your Good Thing / Bad Thing for today?

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