The Evils of Diet Coke

Mind if I just lay my head down on my desk for awhile? Kthx.

I was doing fine today, despite my lack of sleep, until about 10 minutes ago. Now I’m pretty sure it’s naptime. That must mean it’s time to change tasks and do something else.

Slept horribly last night. I had a Diet Coke for dinner (I wasn’t really all that hungry) before class, and then on the way home got some T-Bell. Good stuff. Thought I was tired, but when I went to bed I just laid there. Couldn’t sleep. Barely tired. Drifted in and out of sleep-like states every 5 minutes until about 2 am, when I realized I was impossibly hot and couldn’t take it anymore. The addition of the fan near my side of the bed helped immensely, and then I spent the rest of the night drifting in and out of more-like-sleep states for longer periods of time.

Too much to do tonight. Last night I got the last of the long-strip sewing done on ‘s quilt. By this I mean that I had already taken all the individual strips and sewn them together, folded it in half and sewn it together again, and last night I did the final fold, so I now have one still rather long strip that is 4-strips wide, if that makes any sense. I think it’s going to look OK. The next step is to measure it and then cut out squares (the measuring is so that I know how much excess I have and how much I can afford to be generous in my cutting / placement of squares). After that, I’ll lay it out and figure out if I can just sew it together or if I need sashing. I’m hoping for no sashing, but it might pull it together better. We’ll see. If you don’t know what sashing is, be glad. Looking at the work done so far, it might end up looking alright. I was worried for a while that my fabrics didn’t go well enough together and it would just look like crap. I think, however, I may have entered some weird area where I have enough chaos and mismatching that it’s no longer relevant. And, as pointed out, it’s a little boy’s quilt. Like it really matters. I’m sure it matters to , however, who always looks wonderful and whose house is decorated quite tastefully.

Of course, sewing doesn’t need to be done on ‘s quilt any time soon. It’s just that, well, of the other things that I could have done in the hour between class and “bed,” it’s the one that didn’t require too much thought.

Tonight, I have to study for my final exam in my afternoon class, which is tomorrow. I haven’t started, of course, because I had a ton of papers to write this weekend. I also have to contact someone about getting my 10 volunteer hours in, because summer school ends Thursday. Hmm. Could be interesting. I may not be at work the next few days.

I was kind of hoping that I might dye my hair tonight. You know, there’s a lot of just waiting around during that process, and I’m sure I could study then. Right? And get laundry done. And maybe try that jogging thing again. And, and, and…. All I really want to do is go home, go to bed, and wake up (magically 15 pounds lighter, while we’re asking for the moon). (Slimquick update: I have not gained nor lost any weight, as of this morning’s official weigh-in.)

Shall I spend the afternoon coding in an attempt to stay awake? I think so. Also, there will be wasabi for lunch. Because the Easy Mac just didn’t cut it.

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  1. Kelly, I strongly encourage you to re-think running outside while it’s 90* and there’s an air quality warning. Also, I think running after you put the dye in would lead to other problems, although I’ve never been through the process so I can’t say for sure. Are you going to come to the Milk Run?

    Have fun, L

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