There are plenty of people in this world who think that I am a very picky eater. And, I have been blessed that at least some of these people have been willing to be forgiving of that and work with it (including my MIL, who made me my own potatoes on the grill this weekend without onions, so sweet!). Without arguing that too much, I like to think that in some respects I’m not that picky. I just have a few ingredients I don’t like (OK, “few” might be an understatement to some of you). Whatever.

“I has a flavor”

But then again, don’t we all? Or whole types of cuisine we don’t like? Or… you get the idea. I know very few people who like everything ( being one exception, because I’ve never seen him turn down food ever, and he likes some really nasty foods too, like Lima beans and eggplant and rhubarb).

The problem in cooking for two is not where our dislikes overlap, but where they don’t, leaving one or the other of us to not get to eat a favored food as often as we’d like. I know would like onions, tomatoes, spicy food, sandwiches, etc more often. For my part, I’d like fish and seafood more often, as well as avocados, pork products, etc. I’d like to think that we do a decent job of compromising on this issue, though if feels differently he can certainly leave a comment about that.

This week, he was generous enough to put fish and bacon on the menu, neither of which he particularly cares for. The bacon is for BLTs (or, if you’re me, BLs, since T is just not in the cards, but we bought some for so he can have authentic BLTs), lunches for this weekend. The fish was all me, so I picked out some salmon steaks and decided to have potatoes on the side (so that, if he really hates it, he can fill up on those).

(I’m getting to the point, I promise.)

I like salmon all number of ways, and there are quite a few out there. As I was looking for recipes and ideas online (good starting point: Tastespotting), I realized how many different flavors there are out there that people seem to love (or hate). I personally like my salmon with a nice pepper marinade or with barbecue sauce, but lots of people prefer lemon, dill, or Cajun seasoning.

My theory here is that some of the more objectionable foods (but not the ones on the “will make me throw up” list) can be appreciated more if they are cooked with flavors that one likes. I’m not a huge sandwich fan, but if I can get some italian seasoning, oil, and pepperoni on there, it’s much more enjoyable. I don’t care for onions, but if they’re still crunchy and taste like the grill (a la kabobs), they’re edible. See what I mean?

So, what flavors do you love or hate? I’m thinking more flavor than ingredients, though it can certainly be argued that flavors are also ingredients. But take for example lemon-dill salmon. Salmon is the ingredient, the main focus of the recipe. Lemon and dill are the flavors. Got it?

Some flavor examples: lemon, different spices and herbs, BBQ, heat (jalapeno, red pepper flakes, etc), cheese, gravy, etc. I’m sure you can come up with more than enough on your own. Hint: if you are someone that I frequently (or infrequently) cook for, it would be beneficial for all involved if you commented here, so that I can try to make Saturday brunch or cookies or whatever that you enjoy, which would in turn make me happy. I may have to change the name of this blog, as I feel I am becoming (ever so unlikely and reluctantly) a foodie. A foodie who doesn’t like food that much? Strange, I know. Perhaps I like food more than I thought? Or maybe I just like taking photos with the macro setting. For my part, I’m going to work on figuring out which flavors I really enjoy and which ones I don’t.

“Excuse me – do you has a flavor?”

If that’s too ambiguous for comments, let me suggest this. I’m still looking for a good salmon recipe. Some of the suggestions include: soy-glazed, mediterranean, roasted, cajun (2 different Cajun recipes at the moment)…. Already removed from the running: mustard, orange-glazed, dill (though a favorite, we don’t have fresh dill at the moment because I neglected my plant, and it would be best that way). Also, I’d rather not cook the salmon on the grill, because that would mean would have to do some of the work preparing the meal, and that doesn’t seem right. Any flavor suggestions for the potatoes that compliment the salmon are acceptable as well (I’m leaning towards “crashed” new potatoes [link removed], since I’ll be getting the potatoes at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, but there are plenty of fresh herbs available there, so I’ve got options; I’d make potato salad if anyone could come up with a good, reliable recipe that doesn’t taste like all the store-bought kinds I’ve ever had, because I don’t really like potato salad that much).