I feel old. Often, actually. When I use my awesome sewing mat on the floor, I bruise my knees and my back starts to ache after about 5 minutes. Last night, I was trying to finish (the last 2/3rds) tying the “quilt” for the spare bedroom, which after one square dead in the center of the blanket turned out very very uneven, ended up with me sitting on the floor bent over the quilt tying little knots in it, and that made my back hurt something awful. Today, my knees hurt, for no good reason other than I probably inherited ‘s bad knees. I am also tired a lot these days, perhaps from trying to do too many things (and not really doing any of them well, it seems). Thankfully, the average age of a student at Metro State is 33, so class doesn’t make me feel old. Just the rest of life.

I would complain more, because I just thought of another paragraph to say, but it’s time to leave work for class, so I guess that’s all we get today.