Monday Morning Update

Saturday morning:

  • Car load to storage unit
  • Two thrift stores, netting me three new shirts, two bedskirts (that were taken apart), one striped bed sheet, and some fabric (oh, and a really cute little vase I got for 50-cents and proceeded to drop immediately upon getting home and breaking – so sad!). CHAP was a much better deal (everything was 50% off the tags, which were super cheap) and better for linens, but Goodwill was better for clothes.
  • Trip to Creative Sewing Center, where I decided not to get the expensive foot for my machine but instead to hand-tie the quilt, and got a flyer for some beginner quilting classes they’re having this fall, which I will probably sign up for
  • Trip to JoAnns, where I bought some fabric (but not that much, really) and not nearly enough embroidery floss (for tying the aforementioned quilt) and some notions
  • I didn’t get to the Farmer’s Market in Apple Valley, but that’s OK because we have plenty of uneaten food from last week’s trips.

Saturday afternoon:

  • Leftover pizza for lunch (yum! and thank goodness for toaster ovens!)
  • Nearly 4 hours of reading for homework
  • Got all the thrift store and JoAnns purchases washed and dried, but not ironed or photographed. That’ll have to wait until Thursday or Friday.

Saturday night:

  • Arranged cut out strips for ‘s quilt and bedskirt so that I could get sewing when I had a chance
  • Went for a walk with to get ice cream – yum!

Sunday morning:

  • Got house spotless for photos and Realtor
  • Typed up class notes and got caught up on organizing/filing schoolwork

Sunday afternoon:

  • Started sewing on ‘s quilt
  • Ate a very early (3:30) dinner (because we didn’t know how long we would be busy with the Realtor looking at houses and photographing our house, and he was coming over at 4)

Sunday night:

  • Visited 2 1/2 houses (just the outside of the 3rd, since the key was missing from the lockbox)
  • Got to ride around in a MINI (and while they are still super-cute, I don’t think I want one, because they are very small and I don’t like driving a 2-door car)
  • showed our Realtor the house tour he designed, which is supercool, and impressed him greatly
  • Decided not to do any more work but attempt to have fun; realized that everything we wanted to do or eat was closed; went to Target and bought some movies; watched Independence Day and didn’t eat ice cream (even though I really wanted to – was hoping for a smoothie and we couldn’t find one)

So, what I didn’t get completed was the two-plus papers (two 2-3 page papers for Wednesday afternoon’s class, and one 5-page paper for Wednesday night’s class that I can’t start until after tonight’s class) and I didn’t finish the quilt for the spare bedroom. But, the house is clean and can hopefully stay that way, since it goes on the market tomorrow.

Today is ‘s birthday, and I am quite sure that I will forget to call her, with class being tonight and all. I’m going to try to write one or both of the papers for my afternoon class either today or tomorrow at work. Tomorrow night is my free night, but there is that other paper to write, and grocery shopping to be done, and wants to get the garage cleaned up.

I am in need of a new purse and a new wristlet. The wrist strap on my wristlet is pleather or vinyl or something instead of canvas/twill, and is starting to crack. I know I could replace the strap, but while the purse is cute, there is a design flaw: the vinyl that it’s made of is too thick for my work badge to function properly (because my old purse was fabric and I could keep my badge inside of it and just hold it up to the magnetic door-lock thingy and it would work, but with this one I have to take it out of my purse and hold it up to the lock, and sometimes I don’t have the extra hand). My purse is starting to tear apart at the top, and I’m very upset about that, because it’s less than a year old and was pretty expensive. It was designed for knitting (which is why it is huge and has multiple compartments and I love it for that), so maybe since I was using it for school and carrying heavy things, that’s why it is falling apart? Regardless, I will need a new one sometime in the next month or so. Bummer. I’ve contemplated making my own (either purse or wristlet), but that would involve either installing zippers or being much more confident in my sewing (specifically that it would be able to stand up to a lot of weight, which is tough).