Athletic Question

Perhaps can help me with this one.

Last night, I went for a very brief jog. It has been quite a while since I did any running (further than crossing the street, that is), so I wanted to set a very small goal for myself. Plus, I’m quite out of shape at the moment. I just really wanted to see how it would go, especially since the last few times I tried running at the gym (before giving up) I kept injuring myself.

So I set myself a goal of 5 minutes. I just barely made it, but I did. (Note: it takes much longer than 5 minutes to walk back from a 5 minute jog, which one might want to keep in mind if it’s getting dark out.) Yes, cardiovascularly speaking I was maxed out, but more importantly, my legs wouldn’t do any more. Specifically, my shins and ankles. I could barely walk back, my shins hurt so bad.

Now, here’s my analysis of what is happening. My ankles get much too tired to lift my feet properly (since I know full well from my years on the junior high track team that I should be running heel-toe and shouldn’t make slap-slap-slap sounds on the pavement with my feet), which causes lots of shin pain. I can try my hardest to run properly, but at a certain point, my ankles (or whatever muscles are responsible for moving my feet) just can’t do it any more.

Can I fix this? Are there some stretches or strengthening exercises I can do to improve my muscle strength?
Do I need new shoes? I always had shin problems in track, but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as this.

The good news is that I was not in pain this morning when I got out of bed, so at least it was a temporary pain.

I’d like to try some more running, you know, to be healthy and stuff. I used to enjoy running, until I kept injuring myself (my feet mostly, and this was on the treadmill). I can easily get into the zen state I need to be in to just push on through, you know, once I build up enough cardiovascular health to actually be able to breathe and not die. I would enjoy running more than other cardio options (step aerobics, biking, some sort of sport), and one generally doesn’t need that much equipment (beyond clothing and shoes) in order to do it.


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  1. Kelly,

    1. Good job!
    2. Keep with it, your muscles will get stronger. So will your lungs.
    3. When I started running I had a lot of pain in a couple places. One was my shins and the other was the arches of my feet. I taped my arches for a while.
    4. If you don’t have good running shoes, you may find a new pair helpful for both problems.
    5. Have you ever tried taping your ankles or wearing a brace?
    6. Want to run in the milk run? The last day to sign up is 7/25.
    Have fun,

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