Almost Done!

The light at the end of the tunnel is almost blinding, it’s so bright! (Of course, once we leave this tunnel, the “getting the house ready to be put on the market” tunnel, there will be a brief reprise before we enter the “buying a house” tunnel, which could be a fast-moving one but scary and big and something I’ve never done before – maybe we need to find our big girl purse or something.)

Last night, we got the house cleaned up (again, I know, but with the windows and carpet, things got a little crazy at our house) for the Realtor who is coming tonight. This week, I got the entry way painted, fixed the paint in the stairwell, and spot-patched a blip on the ceiling in the spare bedroom that accidentally got paint on it (a very tiny, 30-second repair but one that was totally noticeable). The loft is slightly cleaner, too. My big progress last night was this:

How cute is that? Look at the binding and cute polka dots!
I made it for the chair in the bedroom – it looked lonely all by itself.

The box pillow form I found at JoAnns was bigger than I wanted, but the smallest they had was 18″ square (up to 24″ square!), though I could have really used a 16″ or maybe even a 14″ one. Oh well, I really wanted the box.

Here it is with its friends that live on the bed.

All the brown fabric has been remnants (“short cuts”) from JCaroline. Love shopping in that section. Almost didn’t have enough of the brown for this one, and in fact it ended up being designed the way it is because I cut it wrong at first – but, I learned something new about my cutting mat, so that’s good. I thought I might not have enough green polka dots for the sides, since I needed 4″ wide strips, but I ended up having enough and still have plenty of leftover for some accents on more pillows, should we decide we need some. Actually, we could use new pillow shams on the big pillows on the bed, since the ones we have match an old comforter and are slightly the wrong shade of brown. I’m letting that go for the moment, until I run into the right brown print and then it’ll just come together like kismet.

I also got more fabric cut out for ‘s quilt.

From this
to this.

I did the math today and I think I finally have enough strips cut to make the quilt plus a dust ruffle and fronts for two pillow shams. I know that sounds like a lot, but I didn’t want to get part way through and then have to find more fabric for just the dust ruffle, which would then stand out that it wasn’t all pulled together, you know? Oh, and for those of you who were worried, the dust ruffle won’t actually be ruffly – wouldn’t want that. No, I’m actually going for the boxy bedskirt idea. The sad thing today was that the fabric I’d picked out (in my head) for the shirring and backs of the pillows sold out yesterday. Yesterday! I’d had it in my basket and everything on Wednesday and then decided I should wait. Stupid. Can’t get it anywhere else, either, at least not at a decent price. I guess I’ll just have to pick something else out, in which case it can wait. Very sad though.

I had a hard time cutting up some of the fabric, specifically these two [pics removed].

They were both remnant pieces (the first from JoAnn and the second from JCaroline), and I didn’t really have enough to do anything other than a pillow or some accent something, and agreed with me that we’d never actually decorate a room in either of those color schemes, so it was a good thing that I cut them up, but still hard to do. I did learn while cutting the second one that my Fiskars rotary cutter (that gave me, which is tons better than the Linex one my father-in-law gave me, though he gave me the awesome cutting mat so who cares about the rotary cutter) easily cuts through two layers of fabric, which made that process go twice as fast. And, technically since I wasn’t planning on using those two fabrics for the quilt, it counts as stash-busting (even though they were both added quite recently to the ever-increasing stack of fabric at my house), which is always a good thing.

The quilt for the spare bedroom is just waiting for me to get the time to attempt to quilt it.
But other than that, the spare bedroom is done! I finally got around to taking a picture of the pillowcase I made the other day for it.

This one was made using the method I mentioned earlier that I will use for ‘s quilt, and it’s super-fast. Looks nice too, right? For ‘s quilt, I’m going to end up with one long 4-strip-wide piece that I will then cut into 9″ squares (because 4 strips makes a 9″ wide piece after sewing everything together). I will rotate every-other square so that it’s basically a basket weave pattern. I think it will look good, although very bright and colorful, but hopefully nice enough (and not too babyish) that he can use it for many, many years. And hopefully will like it, since I haven’t told her (or anyone but the internet and ) that I’m making it, and hopefully she doesn’t have major plans to decorate his big boy bedroom (I think he’s still a crib sleeper though, so it’s all good – no worries until there’s a second one on the way).

Anyways, here’s the spare bedroom pillow with its friends.

If you click to the larger view, please ignore the cat hair covering the left pillow. It’s all over our house – unavoidable, really. That’s why the beige blanket will remain on that bed unless we’re showing the house, in which case the nice (currently unfinished) white and black quilt will come out.

Plans for this weekend include taking a load to the storage unit, taking a load to the recycling center, homework, and making zucchini muffins.

What are your plans?