“New” things that I have tried recently and [mostly] enjoyed:

  • Zucchini (could leave or take at the moment, but no longer hate with the fire of a thousand suns)
  • Those pickled hot peppers they put in the salads at Olive Garden
  • Yellow onions (in very large pieces, marinated and grilled to the point where they were still crunchy)
  • Strawberry yogurt (OK, strawberry flavored yogurt, since it’s not fruit-on-the-bottom which would make me ralph, but still technically the first fruit-flavored yogurt I’ve ever had if you don’t count lemon meringue or key lime pie)

Next on the list? I’m thinking about brussel sprouts, and beets, and of course anything I find at the Farmer’s Market that I can feel brave enough to purchase.

Be proud of me. I find it very difficult to be brave where food is involved. Especially strange, potentially squishy or slimy food (like onions). The key that I’ve found is to do it when no one is looking or watching or paying attention, so that I can be “brave” without any pressure. Yes, it might be weird and neurotic, but at least I’m trying new things!