Second Crafting Question of the Day

I have a plain turquoise skirt that I’ve decided to attempt to applique onto, in an effort to make it more fun to wear. (I recently “found” it in my closet and tried it on and discovered that it actually fits, because I bought it years ago, which is before I lost weight, so I was more shaped like my current self, and so it’s the right size.)

But, I can’t figure out what stencil to use.




I think that the first one, while being cute, may be too detailed for me to even attempt. Obviously, it will matter slightly what fabric(s) I pick out, but let’s forget that for a moment. Which one do you like best? All will have to be modified slightly (as they are already modified from images I found on the internet) to fit the shape of the skirt best; most likely this will mean rotating the image slightly and lengthening or shortening the branches. The bird I intend to remain the same.

Perhaps the bird needs to be much smaller and the primary embellishment the tree branch?


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