Promised Pics

I said I’d do it, didn’t I? Nevermind that I have a terrible time uploading photos to Flickr from work. The connection times out way too often. I’d do it from home, but Microsoft Photo Editor tends to do a better job at editing photos than iPhoto (I know, I was surprised too), and so my lazy self just brings the memory card in to work instead of rebooting my computer in Windows and doing it from home.

Thursday, took the day off and picked up at the airport in the afternoon, and on his way home fixed ‘s internet. If you thought that he earned bonus points then, wait until you hear what he did later in the weekend.

Friday, we drove to St Joseph to celebrate Independence Day with some of ‘s extended family. Now, from the turnout at the parade / festival, you’d think that St Joseph was a town of 20,000, but in reality it is more like 5,000 (and a startling 70% female according to census statistics!). Everyone and their brother and their neighbors from the town just over the hill showed up. And the parade, well, it lasted 2 hours. That’s right! It may have been longer than the Thanksgiving Day parade I went to in Detroit where Frankie Muniz “sang” and the Rockettes performed (Santa was there too, as well as a whole bunch of balloons just like New York’s Macy’s parade). [Editor’s Note: I should really find my photos of that and scan them so I have them in more than just a box that’s currently sitting in storage.]

Some very important people were at the parade.

There was Caesar,


Obama (whose speech, I'm sad to say, was quite flat... pun intended),


and about half a dozen marching bands.


There was also a convoy of tow trucks where the first one towed the other 11 – amazing, and sadly I am without a picture of it.

After the parade, we experienced the festival (it may have a more official name, but I don’t know what it was), which included JoeBurgers, carnival games, a country market, and…



We also walked up the street (the festival was held on the grounds of the Catholic church, which shares its land with the monastery and St Benedict College) to the cemetery and “visited” some relatives.





I hadn’t met either of ‘s grandparents on his dad’s side, since his grandpa died before we met and his grandma lived in Arizona and suffered from Alzheimer’s (I think I got that detail right). It was slightly weird to see ‘s dad’s name on the front of the tombstone though. It’s been a really long time since I’ve visited any of the cemeteries where my grandparents are buried. I know they’re all back in Illinois, in the rural area west of where I grew up. There will be opportunity to visit my Grandma Lois’ gravesite again when my Grandpa dies (he is 95 now, and in good health, but one has to prepare for these things), I think (the only reason not to would be that he remarried and maybe that changes things? I don’t know, but I’m sure has all the details down, being the surviving child). I’m not sure about my Grandpa on ‘s side, or where Grandma will be buried (since she’s been living down in Florida for the last decade), but it’s probably somewhere near Carpentersville.


The other big thing of the weekend was getting ready for the carpet to be installed. ripped up the carpet from the stairs so we could patch and paint (which was subsequently dinged up by the carpet guy but I’m not supposed to be upset about that because he did a great job otherwise). We moved all the furniture downstairs in two batches (one Saturday and one Sunday).

I took a break on Saturday to go to the Taste of Minnesota with . I didn’t take any pictures, though.

And then I went to work Monday morning, leaving at home to deal with the carpet people. The plan was that I’d attend my class that night and when I got home at 9:30 we’d move whatever furniture we could manage back upstairs, and do the rest tonight. When my class was canceled, that meant that we could get most, if not all, of the furniture restored to its correct home. I was wrong, however, in my assumption. When I got home at the normal dinner time, had already put ALL of the furniture back. ALL of it. Now, this is not why I love him, but you can see how wonderful he is, right?









After (Master Bedroom)


After (Spare Bedroom)


So instead I spent some time putting a few things back in their proper home (that needed to actually find a proper home) and attempting to make Spring Rolls.

The good news is that the Spring Rolls turned out OK (crab might be too strong, which might be why shrimp is the popular choice),


but the sauce I made was unremarkable, so I'll have to try again.


Today was another Farmers Market day, and at ‘s request I bought lettuce, and then at my own choosing I bought string beans and patapans (summer squash, probably premature and not very good, but they have potential for stir-fry later this week) and zucchini. Now, I know I’ve said that I hate zucchini, and that’s true, but I do know that it can be good in certain things. used to make zucchini brownies, and you can’t taste them at all in that. I saw an enticing entry on someone’s blog about zucchini bread, and wondered if it tasted like zucchini. A co-worker who loves food and also hates zucchini said that zucchini bread is wonderful and tastes nothing like zucchini. So, I bought some, and we’ll give it a try this week, if I can find the time.

Tonight is homework night, though. It is very important that I get caught up on my homework before starting the second class. Important to me, at least. I’ve learned that it’s really hard to take just one class, because there isn’t the dire need to stay strictly on a homework schedule. Thankfully, I’ll be taking at least two classes this fall, and if I can figure out how to get on the waiting list, three.

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