Another Birthday?!?

Yes, well, welcome to the season of birthdays. Most of the birthdays of my friends and family (and family-in-law) occur in the summer. There’s a birthday about once every week or two. Today’s birthday is…


And, since reads this blog regularly, maybe she’ll get this message! (And friendly reminder that I need her mailing address, which I also just requested via email.)

Sadly, I just checked Flickr and I have only 7 photos from college in there (ah, the days before digital cameras), and none of them have in them, so I can’t embarrass her with any pictures. Oh well.

In other news…

It’s quite boring here today, as expected. has the day off, and will be picking up at the airport later today. Our plans for the weekend include going to St Joe’s for a parade (there will also be a Charming Family Reunion, but we’re not going to that), and then spending the rest of our spare time ripping the carpeting off the stairs, patching and painting, and then moving all the furniture in the upstairs of our house. The new carpeting is getting installed Monday. (Still no word from the window people regarding our order, which is sad, but not crucial to getting the house on the market.)

Last night, I got a skirt nearly finished. Basically, I re-seamed the sides (since I’d made it a little too big) and installed the zipper (didn’t go as smoothly as the other one that helped me with, but looks acceptable), and hook and eye. I also pinned it to hem it, but didn’t actually do that part. I could have, but decided to go for a walk instead. So, the black skirt is nearly done, and the green skirt is technically done but I think I’m going to have to take it apart and modify it, because I’m not happy with how parts turned out. Also, it is still too big, even though and I altered it quite a bit when she was helping me with the zipper. That is the joy/problem of cutting out a few sizes too big. (I’d rather it be too big than too small.)

I need to get a few more projects knocked out (there’s another skirt that’s nearly done except for the zipper install and hemming, and quite a few that I’ve cut out), because wouldn’t you know it, I’ve gone and bought more fabric (I envision cringing as he reads this, if he does). It’s all JCarolineCreative‘s fault, I tell you. They keep putting things on sale and I’m powerless to resist! Some of what I bought were remnants (less than a yard), and may only be used for odd little things or embellishing, but some were, in fact, full yardages or more, with specific projects in mind. I try to do that now, really I do. I also bought some more fabric on Etsy, also with a specific purpose. I’m making a blanket for , and this could end up being more of an undertaking than I’m prepared for. We’ll see how it turns out. (Yes, I’ve all but abandoned my knitting projects. I do really enjoy knitting, but it takes so many man hours for a project to be completed, whereas sewing items, especially easy clothing or home decorating items like pillows can be finished in a couple of hours.)

My second class starts on Monday, so I’ll be busy Monday and Wednesday nights for the next 6 weeks. And yes, my other class is still in session (meeting Wednesday afternoons), so it looks like things will continue to be busy. I haven’t seen in forever. and I are going to the Taste this weekend sometime, a tradition of ours that has been well documented on this site as being full of … incidents. Last year, however, went off without any glitches, so perhaps we’ve turned a corner.

I have a crap-ton of links and recipes to share, but I don’t want to overwhelm, so I’ll try to dispense them gradually over the next few weeks, assuming I find the time to write them up.

Have an excellent 4th!