Birthday Recap

Yes, yes, I’m finally getting around to talking about my birthday that was a whole week ago. Whatever. It’s been weirdly busy and then not, and when it hasn’t been, I’ve been without pictures to post. And what good is a birthday post without pictures?

I got lots of cards. I mean, lots.

gave me LEGO Star Wars [link removed] (and I have a love-hate relationship with that game right now), a hammock stand, and a knick-knack (there might have been other things, like a really sweet card, which I didn’t photograph).

Here’s the knick-knack.
And this is how the hammock stand came from the shipper.

Everything was inside and undamaged, but still plans on talking to the company so they know how their products are being treated while in transit.

I asked ‘s dad for a sewing mat, thinking that he probably couldn’t go overboard with the restriction of “it can’t be bigger than our table.”

Clearly, I was wrong, because, well, it is bigger than our table. That’s what floors are for, I guess. For reference, yes, that is a couch and a set of stairs, and it’s sitting rolled up the long way, so the height shown is actually the short side of the rectangle. Wow.

‘s mom gave me a Starbucks gift card, which I’ve been plowing through (lately I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee).

gave me this odd collection of gardening books (“one for every decade!”), of which some are new and some are used.

They weigh approximately 43 billion pounds, and I will never actually read them, but I will probably use them as reference tools. They’re just way too big to even think about trying to read.

gave me a cute book about a little redheaded girl with freckles, some chocolate (30 pieces) and some coffee. She had apparently wanted to give me a coffee grinder, but asked and he told her that I already own one, which is true, so she just bought me some whole bean coffee instead.

From Alison

Also, yesterday was ‘s 58th birthday, and his present arrived on time (for $12 shipping, it should!). He got a cookie jar that we found at Marshall’s for a ridiculously cheap price, along with a batch of Ginger cookies.

He said they smelled delicious when I talked to him.

Lastly, this is how we spent Sunday:

It was not fun.