I’m fed up to here [gesturing]

Last night I had look at my sewing machine to see if he saw what I was seeing, where the thread is getting caught, if there was a way to fix that, etc. Basically we came up with a whole lotta nothin’. The end result is that tonight I am going to attempt, again, to re-thread the machine and check the tension in all possible places of error, and then when that doesn’t fix it (because I’m quite sure it won’t), I will call Singer on Friday morning and complain about the piece of crap they sold me. I am well after my 30 days for their return policy, but I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned they need to do something about this situation. Ideally we can get them to take it back and we’ll just buy a different brand entirely. For that, I will go to the place that fixed my machine and get some good advice, and then buy from them (because their warranty will be different and separate and they’ll care a lot more about making me happy).


All I wanted was a simple machine to make some clothes and pillows with. Forward and reverse stitching. I don’t even actually need it to be able to do fancy stuff, though button-holes would be nice. Why is this so hard? I’ve got even more clothes cut out and waiting now, and more fabric that I could cut out and prep. At least I have interfacing now, so I can do that small part of the projects.

My back doesn’t itch that much today, so that probably means I only have a few sensitivities and no actual allergies. Oh well. It’ll still give me something to go on and maybe I can find some soaps and lotions that don’t irritate me. I am looking forward to my shower this afternoon when I get home. Actually, I’m going to start making dinner first (because it’s a bread thing and the dough has to rise for 60 seconds), so I’ll have to wait a bit. It’s a better plan than showering first, then cooking, and then taking a nap while the dough rises, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wake up from the timer and then dinner would somehow end up ruined. That’s no good.

I did get some good sleep last night, which only served to point out exactly how little sleep I’d gotten the previous two nights. So I’m still quite tired.

WebMD wanted me to know that one of the reasons I may have gained weight is that I’m not getting enough sleep [link removed]. Or I’m going through menopause [link removed]. I vote on the first one. I do get significantly less sleep than I used to (you know, back when I was single and lived 2 miles from work and was a slacker when it came to morning work schedules). They also want me to eat yogurt, but that’s not related to weight gain.

So basically, while I haven’t finished reading all my books yet on insulin resistance and PCOS and so forth, what I’ve come up with so far is that 1) my diet needs to change, though I’m not exactly sure in what ways yet, 2) I need to exercise regularly or I’ll die, and 3) I need to find some willpower, somehow, because I don’t want to do either #1 or #2 and I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard to accomplish them without any willpower.

Oh, and I’ve switched hairdressers. Sad, I know, because I’d just started going back to Kerry, but it’s not exactly convenient for me to get to the Midway and really hard to get an appointment with her these days. So I walked into the Salon that’s in the mall where the Transit Center is and they got me an appointment for Monday (could have gotten one for tonight, but I didn’t want to cut into date night, even if we don’t have plans) for a cut and style, and for a pedicure (birthday present to myself). Problem solved. Now that my hair is long, I don’t need a stylist to be all that talented, seeing as how there’s only so much damage she can do (unless she cuts it too short, in which case that will be the last I see of her).

And… I’m bored at work. And sleepy. Not as sleepy as yesterday, when I could have actually put my head on on the desk and fallen asleep, soundly.

Birthday dinner with is finally all scheduled and planned. What a hassle. I will remember this and demand to do nothing next year, because seriously, more than I wanted to deal with. On the menu is BBQ chicken and asparagus on the grill, strawberry shortcake for desert, and whatever is bringing as a salad and to drink and . And everyone is bringing presents for me! That’s always exciting. I’ve already gotten birthday cards from my two aunts (OK, I have 3, but the last one almost always forgets to send a card and when she does remember, she sends it on my sister’s birthday and then forgets hers instead). I was briefly sad last night when I realized that I wasn’t going to be getting another birthday card from my Aunt Shirley. Perhaps Uncle Bob will remember to send a card, but maybe not.

I may be staying home tomorrow just to get some sleep. I haven’t gotten much work done this week, and while part of it has been there hasn’t been much to do, another part is that I’ve found it hard to motivate myself because I’m so tired. It might be healthy for me to spend a day at home relaxing. I definitely have the sick leave available.