Some Birthday Phone Calls

Today is my grandpa’s 95th birthday! called me about two weeks ago to remind me, so I verified the date with him and then sent out a card (at the same time I sent out his Father’s Day card, since conveniently all the men in my life of any importance have birthdays within 5 weeks of Father’s Day – seriously, check the notes at the end of this post).

So this morning, my cell phone rang at 7:36, which never happens (we’ve talked about how my cell phone almost never rings, and when it does, it’s , right?). It was , which, of course, causes me to panic. Unscheduled, unexpected, unsolicited calls from make me think that something horrible has happened, specifically that someone has died (it’s a short list of who that might be, but life-altering and panicking and why exactly is this my first thought when he calls and does that mean I need therapy?). No, was just calling to remind me that it is Grandpa’s birthday.

I told him I mailed a card. He said that my uncle was taking him out for breakfast (husband of my aunt who died in October) and that was taking him out for lunch. Sunday, they’re having his sisters over for an informal birthday party (Grandpa is the oldest of about a billion siblings, or six or something, and several of his siblings are also still alive, including 3 sisters). It was suggested that tonight I give Grandpa a happy birthday phone call. This isn’t a problem, since he will probably be talkative enough to eat up 1 or 2 minutes of our monthly plan minutes.

So I’ll try to let go of the “slightly annoyed” feeling I now have about being unnecessarily panicked about the death of a loved one and being reminded of something I remembered… and just say…

Happy 95th Birthday Grandpa!