Countdown to 2:30

I itch. My back, that is. From the patch testing. Specifically, from the tape that is holding the patches on my back. I will be very happy to get that off. The patches themselves don’t itch much, and would be much less irritating. I might not even notice them, were it not for the tape. Seriously, who thought this plan up? I hope that I get some quality sleep tonight since the tape will be removed (today at 2:30). However, it’s possible that removing the tape and patches and exposing the chemicals to air will only anger them (I presume that’s why this is done – I have to sit in a room for half an hour without a shirt on letting the patched spots get air), and I won’t get any good sleep. Who knows.

Last night I told that a bad sunburn is worse than this patch testing. Sunburns hurt, and while (especially on your back and shoulders) they immobilize you quite the same way that the patch testing does, they are not annoying. They hurt and you take pain medication and put on aloe and if you find someone really nice they’ll get you a cool soft washcloth to soothe your pain. And eventually it goes away. This patch testing, however much less painful, is definitely annoying. Probably because I know that if I really needed to, I could remove the stupid tape and patches and be done with it (unlike sunburns, which you just have to patiently wait out). So I am anxious for it to be over, but I should stop complaining because it’s definitely not the worst thing I have ever experienced.

The problem is that I’m friggin’ tired. If I get a bad grade on my test today (who planned this week, anyways? emergency vet visit and Realtor on Monday, patch testing Monday through Thursday, test today, and on top of everything it’s that time of the month), I’m blaming it on lack of sleep. Because I studied from 7 to 10 last night, and then again while giving blood this morning. (They were only alarmed temporarily about the patch testing, until they decided they didn’t care.)

Tonight I would like to fix my sewing machine (which I have determined may involve trying to sand down one of the parts so it fits better, or giving the machine back to the repair shop, which I just don’t think I can handle right now), do some sewing, and most importantly get some sleep. In the hour I have left at work, I’d like to make the hotel reservations (that I’ve been putting off making for over a week now, because I hate doing it) and start setting up the PO system for 2009 (because 2009 starts in 22 days, if you’re on a state fiscal year that is). My life is so exciting, I know. is stuck working at home today since I needed my car. The estimated return of his car is next Wednesday, so we continue to be a one-car household. At least we’re saving on gas, right?

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, is definitely back to his old self and completely healthy. Weird and scary what happened, but all over and back to normal now.

2 Replies to “Countdown to 2:30”

  1. Kelly, are you allergic to adhesive? I know people who are actually allergic to the adhesive in tape/band aids/stuff like that?

  2. L, at this point, it’s entirely possible that I’m allergic to anything you can think of. However, I seem to do OK with Band-Aids and and other stuff, and the spot on my arm where I gave blood yesterday doesn’t itch, so I might be alright.

    I must have some non-skin-related allergies too, since I haven’t been taking Zyrtec this week and am more congested, sneezy, and itchy. Ah, the joys of getting older.

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