Who Needs Valley Fair when You’ve Got Pets?

Last night was a rollercoaster of emotions, the end result of which is that I could use about 8 hours more sleep.

After getting the patches applied to my back at the dermatologist (there’ll be a fun post by the end of this week on that), I ran my errands (new toilet handle at Home Depot! dropped off extra table at Goodwill!) and got home around 3:30. I finished cleaning up the house, including vacuuming all the hard floors with our new vac and cleaning the kitchen counters with Soft Scrub with Bleach. I had finished that up and finished making the bacon for dinner (turkey cobb salad) when I noticed some soapy spots on the floor. And then more, and then it became quickly evident that there was a sick cat in the house. I found at the top of the stairs, very quietly drooling and foaming at the mouth. I quickly cleaned up the floors, grabbed a towel, called (who called the vet for me) and drove him over. has his carpool drop him off at the vet, so he met me there a short bit later. An hour later, after labs, x-rays, Benadryl and oxygen, he was doing much better but we have no idea what it was. I was afraid that had gotten into the cleaning supplies, though I never saw him on the counter, but the labs came back clean. He tends to eat anything he finds on the floor, so there’s the possibility it was a bug or something. The vet wanted us to take him to the after-hours emergency clinic, but we had a Realtor coming and didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars (but if it became obvious that we needed to cancel the Realtor and spend the money, we would – we’re not cruel). So we watched him carefully at home the rest of the night. He seemed lethargic and sleepy, but isn’t that how lots of people feel after being sick and taking Benadryl? We didn’t let him eat much (which he was not appreciative of), but he seemed to be doing a lot better once we left the vet (he was still breathing a bit rapidly and shuddering while we were there, and calmed down once we got home).

So we quickly ate dinner and the Realtor showed up, right on time. We did the walk-through of the house, he explained the whole process and what his job was, and talked timelines, etc. He thought our wishlist for a new house was easy (it’s only 6 or 7 things, none of which are particularly difficult to find), a goal of moving at the end of August wasn’t impossible, and that we could get a decent price for our house. All good news. Of course, we have to get to work right away, which includes looking for the house we’d like to buy and talking to the bank people. I think, unless I misunderstood something, that we can get it on the market as soon as the carpeting is installed. We’re optimistic.

He stayed for 3 hours, so by the time he left it was bed time. was doing better, but we were still concerned, so we slept with the bedroom door open, for the first time ever. The combination of that (the cats were then moving about all night) and the patches on my back (which meant that I was uncomfortable all night long, moving about and so forth) meant that neither of us got much sleep at all. Hopefully will sleep better tonight. I’m holding out for Thursday night personally (when the patches are off and some sort of soothing salve will have been applied to any irritated areas, and I finally get to shower again). was back to his old self this morning, so it seems as though whatever it was that made him sick has worked its way through his system. It was a very scary few hours though.

So today at work is rough, but I did find a whole bunch of houses that were nice.