Tiring Weekend

I know I promised pictures of our cars from Thursday’s drama. Here you go (if you click on the pictures, it’ll take you to Flickr and then you can browse the other pictures we took, and hopefully a front-view one of ‘s car will be up soon, once I figure out how to blur out the license plate):

Focus bumper damage (just the scratches, not the crack)
BMW damage

And then here’s the fabric I got from J Caroline Creative [link removed] last week (clicking on the picture will take you to the Flickr page which links to each individual fabric where I talk about my plans for them – so exciting, I know):

Plus, my Amaryllis bloomed last week.

We had an entirely exhausting weekend. Most of it was spent doing small home repairs (lots of patching walls, sanding, and painting) and cleaning and moving furniture. We also took another load of stuff to the storage unit, and the back seat of my car has some stuff for Goodwill in it. When I get home from my dermatologist appointment today, I’ll finish cleaning up. The Realtor comes at 7 tonight.

We were really ridiculously busy (with very little to report). We did manage to go to Target (twice, both times for the same vacuum cleaner, which has already had to be returned once and may just end up getting returned again), the liquor store to re-stock, and do our grocery shopping. We also watched Juno, which is good. There was also a big storm that mostly missed us (seriously, we had about 3 minutes of heavy rain and maybe half an hour of strong wind, which is not much compared to parts of the metro area that had downed power lines and who knows what else).

And, had flooding in her basement (not related to the storm, but a bad toilet) that damaged some of my stuff in storage there. We’ll check out the damage next weekend at my birthday party (though hopefully it’s only a few books and nothing really important). Oh, you didn’t know I was having a birthday party? Well, apparently I am. really wanted to do something, and I didn’t feel like arguing. It should be fun and low-key (as in, the only people invited are family and we’re kinda small). I haven’t been asked what I want for gifts (well, I was once, but didn’t actually mean it since it was just a guise to find out how I was feeling about turning 30), so it should be interesting to see what goes on there.

Oh, and on a related note, I’ve decided to be OK with turning 30. Who knew? Well, mostly OK. There are still moments (like when I write it down and then stare at the screen) when I want to freak out a little and my heart starts beating faster, but then I move on with my life.

I really need a haircut. Think I can get that done any time soon? I might need to change salons.

We’re a one-car household this week while the BMW is getting repaired, which is made more difficult by the fact that I have to drive to work 3 times instead of my usual one, due to my allergy patch testing Monday-Wednesday-Thursday. We seem to have worked things out though and will hopefully not be too inconvenienced.

Back to work. Not much time here today and there’s not much to do, but I should probably get it done.