How Life’s Going

I feel a bit out of touch with the world, mostly of my own doing, and I thought I’d attempt to set that straight.

Monday night, we went out to dinner (Panera) since we’d forgotten to go grocery shopping on Sunday. We stopped at Barnes & Noble (for me), Hallmark (for my Grandpa’s upcoming birthday and Father’s Day), Best Buy (for ), and Wal*Mart (for a very disappointing selection of lightweight vacuum cleaners, but ApartmentTherapy is coming to my rescue on that issue, later this week). Before we’d left, noticed (again) that his car appeared to be leaking power steering fluid, a perpetual problem his car has had (or so I understand). Well, on the way home after the shopping, notices the temperature gauge on the engine rising. Dangerously. So, we pull into the nearest parking lot, which happens to be the Eagan Fire Department. Seems we were out of water. So, we walked to the gas station, bought a gallon, walked back, poured it in and watched it pour out of the bottom of the car. “That’s no good,” you think, and you’d be right. About then the firemen had returned to their building and were quite friendly. They called a tow truck for us, offered us bottled water, and set up chairs in the garage while we waited.

So Tuesday we learn that the radiator is completely shot, and since there was some other work we knew had to be done on the car, we just got it all done at once. $2200 later, his car is returned to us that night. Tuesday night was basically spent picking up his car, getting dinner, and then doing the homework I should have gotten done Monday night (and would have if we hadn’t been delayed by that pesky car problem that ended up with us getting home at 9:45pm).

Last night was ever so boring, since it included cleaning, re-organizing some crafting supplies, and cutting out fabric (oh, and two loads of laundry). I also spent much of the evening feeling hungry, despite my best attempts to get food into my belly (I was successful at eating, mind you, just not in getting to that “I feel full” point, or even the “I’m not hungry” state).

This morning, called me at work (from his cell phone, which is odd, since he never does that) to tell me that all the money we just put into his car was a waste, since he just got into an accident and severely damaged the front part of his car. Everyone is fine, and the other vehicle is untouched (a commercial for Ford trucks, if you ask me), but his car will be back in for repairs for the good part of a week now, since parts will certainly need to be ordered. Bummer.

Good thing I forgot to bring the phone number to work for the property management people (to get the phone number for the other window company) and the Realtor, huh? Tonight we’re going to Home Depot to officially order the carpeting (it’s all picked out and measured, we just have to give them money). And I’m going to fold laundry and iron.

Oh, one exciting thing did happen last night. I finally figured out how the buttonholer works on my sewing machine! Turns out that the little lever you have to pull down and “slightly push back,” well, you have to push back hard enough so that you think you’re going to break your machine, and then it clicks, and then it works. They don’t look all that good, but it works most of the time (it’s a little finicky). The bummer is that I’d done a lot of reading and was hoping the other problem I was having with my machine was related to improper bobbin loading, and unfortunately it is not. Drat.

And, also exciting, ‘s birthday present is at my house and waiting for the day to arrive….

So, to make up for my failure to communicate with the world, here are some cute pictures of :