A kitchen conundrum

Help! I have recently discovered some information that has me quite confused about my kitchen loyalties.

You see, I hate, absolutely detest, abhor, and other synonyms… Corelle. Hate it. Specifically the plain white Corelle dinnerware I grew up with. The worst thing about it? It never breaks, never dies, and you can never get rid of it. Its existence could make me lose sleep.

And, I love, love, love Pyrex. Adore it. Simply cannot live without it. Love my 20-piece set that gave me at my bridal shower, love the vintage brown bowls that has leftover from his mom maybe, love my glass measuring cups (even if they’re not as user-friendly as the Oxo ones, I’ve used ones just like them for as long as I can remember and I’ve adapted), just adore it. (In fact, last week I’d bookmarked a new website I found called PyrexLove [link removed], intending to share it with you at some point, and now I don’t have to because I shared it today. My favorites? The Pink Daisy [link removed] pattern and the Rainbow Stripes Mixing Bowls [link removed]. And a set of pink mixing bowls available on Etsy right now. Not that I need more mixing bowls. I mean, I jointly own 8. That’s gotta be enough.)

So you can imagine my confusion when I learned today that both brands are owned by the same company.

What exactly does one do with that information? It’s like finding out that Coke and Pepsi are owned by the same people, or Ford and Toyota.