Update on my goddess status

If you thought I was exaggerating and bragging yesterday when I talked about my cookies… I wasn’t. Here’s proof:

"Thanks for the cookies. They were really GOOD!"

I’ve never received a written thank you for bringing in cookies to the office. I’ve never gotten as many verbal thank yous and “those were really good” and “I simply must have that recipe!” comments as I did yesterday. Almost makes me feel guilty for having saved some at home, since some people missed out yesterday. There were demands I make them again, and triple the batch.

And obviously, I will have to make them again. I took some pictures, but they weren’t very good, and considering how everyone raved about both kinds of cookies, it seems that I should be able to submit them to Tastespotting and maybe actually make it onto the site this time. Who knows, though. The snickerdoodles, while incredible and amazing, have been covered several times on the site. But the Creamsicle frosting (or any type of orange frosting, really) is definitely original and a great (and easy) way to spice up basic shortbread cookies.

It’s my dream to one day be featured on Tastespotting. Oh, the spike in traffic this little ol’ blog would experience!

And seriously, if you have yet to spend some time over there, you should, especially if you’re trying to figure out your meal plan for the week, or you’re just hungry, or bored, or whatever. It’s one of my favorite sites (plus, it gets updated a lot during the day).