I can’t help myself. Even though I emailed a “Help! I can’t make decisions like this by myself – please hold my hand!” email requesting a shopping trip to the fabric store sometime this month… I still ended up buying fabric online today.

I know. I’m horrible.

It’s a good thing I have my own money to spend so only has to care about how much space in our house my stuff takes up (this works well in reverse, as he can spend whatever he wants to on computer stuff and I don’t get to care unless I continually stub my toe on it or something).

And, as loathe as I am to admit it, I might just end up going back to JoAnn’s tonight for more fabric. Before you give up on me completely, I should note that I got this awesome suiting fabric to make some sweet dress pants yesterday and it rang up at only $1.99/yard. Obviously, I must purchase more. I must plan it out and do it smart, but I think I have to get some more. And on my way over there, I will call the place that is holding my sewing machine and find out when I get it back, because I’m tired of waiting.

We finally decided, after much discussion about our disappointing window quote (about 3 times what we wanted to pay) that we would call a realtor now, instead of waiting until everything in the house was done. Perhaps he/she will have a better solution for the windows? Or he/she will stress that it needs to be done. Or… some other idea. Also, I will be getting the phone number for our other window contractor option and calling them, and taking a different approach (replace some panes maybe instead of whole windows). That said, it is important that something be done with a few of them, because the front window doesn’t hang correctly and leaks all winter long (OK, all year long, but it’s most noticeable in the winter), and the patio door leaks more now than it used to when it rains (there’s a towel there right now from the storm last night, because the noise of drip-drip-drip drives me insane, and a wet floor is no good either).

And we’re just going to go ahead with the carpeting regardless of the window situation. They’re not really dependent on each other.

So hopefully this weekend we will finish some of those other little projects that we know need to get done without having a realtor tell us. Projects we’ve been avoiding because they’re not fun (not that they’re necessarily hard, just… not fun, like the kickboard in the kitchen, and re-sealing the grout in the kitchen). And maybe I’ll make some bread, but I might just be too tired. That could be the licorice I had for a snack talking, though. Seems I can’t eat any sugar these days without feeling a little queasy (that word is definitely easier to spell than nauseous – why don’t I use it more?).

Speaking of getting old, there are 19 days until a new decade of life. I am supposed to be panicking about this, but I can’t seem to get the energy to do so. I think all the fabric-buying wore me out.

said school is out next Tuesday, which means I might get to see her and soon. That’s exciting. She said they could come down here to see me, a rare treat. Yes, I know I have the free time to go visit them too, but truthfully, they rarely have the free time for me to come up there. And weekends have been rather busy with home improvements lately, with the exception of last weekend. Maybe I need to stop feeling so stressed out about home repairs. Anyone got a magic pill to take care of that? I seem to be obsessed about it. It’s not that I hate our current house so much as we’ve looked at the possible houses we might buy and there are some that I love so much. It’s all that possibility. (Plus, no more grey painted rooms. *wink wink*)