Itchy Update, part 437

(OK, it’s probably more like part 13, but that sounds much less exciting; I also realize that while I haven’t complained on this blog 437 times about my itching saga, I’m pretty sure I’ve done it more than that verbally to a variety of people, so it kinda counts, right?)

I itch. Again. For clarification purposes, about a week and a half ago I bought the mega pack of Zyrtec (45, not individually wrapped), and promptly stopped itching. OK, I had to take one pill every two or three days, whenever I started itching again. I hadn’t changed anything (since switching our laundry detergent to Charlie’s, which has this amazing quality of making your clothes smell like absolutely nothing, and it’s amazing and almost unbelievable and I love it) in quite some time, soap or lotion wise, and even did an experiment over the weekend where I used the dermatologist-approved-sample soap to shave one leg and the store-brand soap for the other, and absolutely no differences.

And then Monday, I woke up itchy and had to take some Zyrtec at 6am. And Tuesday I had to take some before leaving for work. And yesterday too. And this morning. So, you see, I’ve somehow angered the gods and they’ve decided to re-afflict me. At least it’s not as bad as it used to be, since when I scheduled the dermatologist appointment back in April, I honestly itched from my rib cage to my calves, all over, overwhelmingly and uncontrollably. I was miserable. Now, I’m not, and at least I have something to stop the itching. Plus, like their commercials say, Zyrtec really does work fast. I usually stop itching in about the same amount of time as it takes to get rid of a headache (for normal people, since my headaches often don’t quickly go away with medicine like everyone else).

Truthfully, though, the itching is probably a good thing, since two weeks from today I will be wrapping up the patch testing. I am not actually looking forward to the testing, especially the “don’t shower for 3 days in the middle of June” part, but I am looking forward to (hopefully) getting some results.

As a side note, everyone is raving about the cookies I brought in today. Yes, they really are that good, and co-workers have confirmed my declaration from last night that I am a cookie-making goddess.