Future Crafting Predicted

The list of things to fix in our house is very short these days, which means we’re not as busy as we have been. In fact, this weekend we did almost nothing on the house. (Yet there was still a trip to Home Depot, amazingly enough. We seem to be there a lot lately.) There are still some big things to be done, but contractors have been contacted and now it’s a lot of waiting. We were supposed to get the estimate for the windows yesterday or today in the mail (it hasn’t arrived yet), and once we have that, it will take 3 weeks to have them custom made and then a day to install. The carpet has been measured for, and once we know about the windows we’ll order that, and then it takes 10-14 days to be ordered and then a day to install. There are some fabric-related things I need to get done (decorative pillows, hemming curtains, bedspread, rollerblinds, etc), but those require the use of my sewing machine, which is still out for repairs (Thursday will be three or four weeks – I’ve lost track of time, it’s been so long!).

Plus, homework is light right now (mostly because I’m caught up, and my second class doesn’t start until July 7, and then it will be 6 weeks of nonstop homework).

So I have all this… energy, and nowhere to focus it. Surprisingly, this does not mean that I made cookies this weekend.

I may make some tonight though. Or bread (finally bought bread flour and yeast this weekend). Or both.

It also means that all my crafting energy is being spent dreaming of things to do, which inevitably leads to browing Etsy and ebay and buying things. Oh, and JCarolineCreative [link removed], who has notified me that I should not visit their site during June because they’re going to be putting lots of things on sale. Woe is me.

So yesterday, I bought some fabric and some patterns. For those of you who might be interested (ahem, ), JoAnn is having a huge pattern sale Thursday through Saturday, with McCalls, Simplicity and Butterick all being on sale for $1.99 each and Vogue for $3.99. I sense that I will spend more than I want to.

From JCarolineCreative I purchased a brown and white floral (that has since disappeared from their site, which means I bought the last or near to last of it on clearance).

My intent for the brown is probably a skirt, though it could be a dress, and this blue one is supposed to be a shirt, but could end up as a skirt.

Who knows. I also got this cute paper on clearance.

And then between Etsy and ebay, I got these patterns, most of which I’ve been lusting after for months (not the first one, but the other 4):

Butterick 5213
Butterick 5181
Simplicity 2925
Simplicity 3739
McCalls 3296

Exercise some self-restraint, say you? Well, I have. There are half a dozen more patterns on Etsy I’d like to buy, and dozens upon dozens of yards of fabric for either clothing for myself or a cute blanket for the Grantster. So, you see, I do have some self control. Some.

Ooh, exciting project from . I get to design some “we’re moving” postcards for one of our offices. Later, I may get to do labels. Wow, my job is exciting.