Recipe Linkfest

Either I’m hungry all the time or I have a newfound love of food (or at least preparing it) due to there being a television in my kitchen. Methinks it’s a bit of both. Either way, I had about a jillion bookmarked recipes that I’ve decided to share with you. Hopefully, they’re in small enough chunks for you to digest (please complain in the comments section if it’s still too much). Oh, and I probably found most if not all of these recipes via Tastespotting, my new Internet addiction.





Other Dinner Items (Entrees, veggies)

Bacon (Otherwise Known As… Foods That Should Never Have Been Invented)



Pies and Pie-Like Deserts

OK, I’ve got 3 more categories, but I’ll save them for another date (but just so you know, they’re “Chocolate and Peanut Butter,” “Banana,” and “Miscellaneous Desserts”).

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  • hope to see you bake the coconut cookies (they’re ridiculously good/bad), and also, if you find a good banana bread in your search for your “banana” category, please post it! i have a bunch of blackened bananas in my freezer…